missing merry

aura: somewhat excited
music: kitchie nadal - wag na wag mong sasabihin

just a few moments left and it's Christmas.. again.. i'm not really sure how i feel right now.. my parents are already sleeping.. it's only me, my brother and, my sister whose awake and who are looking forward to stay and be awake when time reaches 12 o'clock..

i just can't help but notice every year, the spirit of Chirstimas in our little home just diminishes.. it's not that i'm lonely, or anything. maybe i just missed those days where all of us would eat and drink a few before 12.. exchange gifts after 12, me, my brother and sister would kiss our parents as we greet each other Merry Christmas..

those days seemed gone.. does getting older has anything to do with all of this changes? it seems that the older we grow the more this day becomes meaningless or less... merry..

but i do keep in mind that Christmas is not about giving gifts or receiving them.. this day was meant to celebrate and remember the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.. and hey, that should be enough reason to be happy and merry on Chirstmas day after all...

Merry Christmas everyone!!! (^_^) Ü ü ö

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aura: tired
audio: the calling - anything

finally! after two or three long, busy and tiresome weeks, i get a chance to hibernate!!!!

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aura: sorry
audio: the calling - stigmatized

i just feel like posting my drawings.. hehe.. don't expect anything, i'm not as good as those who are "REALLY INTO" drawings.. i'm not like one of those comic book artists whom i greatly admire for bringing fiction characters and, super heroes alive by their very expressive and impressive arts. so more power to you guys especially to all Filipino artists who draw for huge comic book companies like Marvel and DC!!! keep up the great work guys!

i like to draw. i consider it as one of my hobbies. but i only draw when i'm in the mood.. how i wish i could draw when i feel depressed.. haha! basta i only draw whenever i feel really really good..

i always base my drawings from something. Pictures, drawings or anything that i like and could base my drawings from. not from my own imagination coz i'm not a creative person. another thing is that i don't put colors in them.. and also, i appreciate my work more if its plain black and white.. as i've mentioned, i'm not creative enough to do my own stuff and i admit i really suck when it comes to color combinations... hehe! ö

so here are some of my recent works.. :p all comments and violent ractions are greatly appreciated!

pictures posted thru Hello Posted by Hello

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