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church visit

aura: tired
audio: mayonnaise - tulog (cute song by the way...)

i went to church again yesterday.. after a very, very, very long time since the last time i stepped inside one, and brought myself in His holy presence.. it was a nice visit.. i only attend mass during chirstmas and new years day.. i even hardly listen to the priest's sermon.. hehe..

anyway, after that i was taking pictures just outside the church.. i was taking a few shots of the crusifiction figurine when 1 street child approached me and asked for alms (coin usually or money). "kuya pengeng barya.." (of course with matching pouty facial expression...) i don't usually give alms to them so i replied "wala po.." (i've got nothing..) then i was surprised when he asked me to take a picture of him instead! he even called some other kids to join him.. so i took a shot.. hey.. at least i made them smile even just a moment or a few second of their july 16th, 2005..

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what's up?

aura: bored
audio: lifehouse - blind

yup! i'm still alive.. it's been a while since my last post.. just couldn't think of anything to post on my blog lately.. or maybe i was just quite busy or not in the mood lately i didn't find any time to visit my own blog.... anyway.. these were the past events of my life..

- we've had the badminton tournament that was held last june 19, 2005. (organized by our batch) there weren't a lot of people participated.. but it was fun and meaningful.. they say that it's not the quantity but it's the quality that counts.

- the fx (public transportation vehicle) i rode last june 17 was heldup by 2 armed robbers.. those bastards got my mobile phone and my 100 peso bill!

- i just had my second godson.. his christening happend last june 25.. he just turned 1 year old last june 20.. hehe.. i wish him good health, more birthdays to come and, a happy and fruitful life ahead.. also goodluck to my 'kumpare' vincent's family.. i wish you all the best! till next birthday of my godson.. or till the next new member of your family.. heheheheheh!

well, what can i say.. my life is pretty much the same.. same old guy with same old tastes.. same sickness and just couldn't stop himself from buying dvds, audio cds and video cds! same old me living my simple life..

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