aura: sleepy
audio: gwen stefani feat eve - rich gir

i invited my brother to join me jogging this morning.. it was tiring but fun.. hehe!

we jogged till our feet felt so damn itchy and tired then we end up walking on our way back home.. hahaha!

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the chosen one...

aura: delightful
audio: simple plan - perfect world

our office had a gathering this afternoon at wack wack golf country club. there were presentations and, speeches. the food were also great.. too bad i wasn't able to appreciate them much coz my tummy feels very very funny.. hehe! and oh by the way, i was part of one of the presentors and our group danced billy crowford's latest single bright light... we practiced hard but unfortunately, i forgot the steps for the entire first stanza during our number.. haha! and not only that, i got lost a number of times and i just made a fool out of myself.. one of my friend even thought i was going to quit and leave the stage already.. but they say the show must go on.. i'm not really sure what happened up there... i was able to get all the steps during my 2 day practice but... @#$*@*#!!! anyway.. but i did enjoy the dance.. it was a fun, haunting and, memorable experience for me..

it's not my first time to be in such an activity or gathering.. the place was packed with the company's staff and, big bosses.. seeing these dynamic people who, i'm sure, have great minds and skills somehow made me feel proud to be part of this company.. with the nice people from the different branches or departments.. with the beautiful people from the IT department (that's where i belong Ü) especially to my best colleagues/friends, i really do hope our friendships last forever, i felt very very blessed and thankful...

on my way home.. i felt very ashamed of what happened up there.. but like i've said it was a fun experience.. and halfway home, i just felt excited and couldn't wait to see my family again.. i just realized i missed them a lot already.. i was excited to arrive home and have dinner with my family.. excited to give my sister the magazine i bought for her last thursday, coz i didn't have a chance to give it until i came home tonight.. and i was thrilled to challenge my brother again for a pc game of NBA Live 2k5.. hehe!

it was a long week.. i just couldn't wait to lay on our bed and take plenty of rest and a very very deep sleep tonight...

(-.-) ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.......

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an old lady with a kid and a slice of pizza

aura: gay
audio: strata - never there

i did something today... not a very noble deed.. neither it's as great thing like our marvelous super heroes do.. but i did something...

today, i rode an FX with a strange old lady with a kid. they were already there when i rode at the back most seat of the vehicle.. we were the only one's who are seated on the back.. i'm not really good in expressing my thought or my self, so i'm not really good when it comes to describing people. but let't just put it this way. when you see the old lady and the kid, you could tell that they belonged to the poor bracket of our society. she had with her a small duffle bag and a plastic bag that were dirty. they also wear quite dirty clothes..

i shouted "mama, bayad po... v. mapa po.. isa lang.. " when i payed my fee.. the old lady smiled to me and asked.. "v. mapa? how much? 15?" i just nodded to say yes..

then on the way, she suddenly adjusted the aircon and said.. "you point it to you.. " "is it ok already?" i just nooded again to say yes and smiled to say thank you.. it's just wierd.. the old lady i mean..

then half way, she suddenly asked for the time.. she shouted.. "manong what time is it already?" then the driver didn't understand the old lady and slowed the vehicle down, to asked if somebody wished to go down already.. but the old lady just said.. "ai, the man with the watch (the one who's seated in front).. what time is it?" then a lady on the middle passenger seat who was holding a mobile phone with her just replied with the time.. "five o' nine... alas sinko po.." then the old lady just went "o thank you, don't eat peanut.. you're skin would look better... eat vitamin C.. 250 miligrams.. you'll look nicer.. don't eat peanut.. peanut's bad for skin.. they are good for the brain but bad for the skin.." the lady in the middle just smiled back to the old lady..

wierd and funny huh? the old lady finally reached her destination and asked the driver to stop.. she said.. "mama, sa susunod na kanto lang po kami.. para nalang po sa tabi.." i think the wierdest part is when i handed something to the old lady when they went down the FX.. it's just a bag with a single slice of pizza, just a left over during lunch with my college friends.. just so happend i was the one who took the left overs home..

i don't
usually give alms to street children or to beggars who suddenly knocks on your vehicle windows or scattered on city streets doing nothing for a living.. anyway.. i didn't said anything when i handed her the food... i just pointed my thumb to the kid and nodded, again.. i believe she understood that i meant it's just something for the kid to eat if he's hungry... nothing came out of my mouth when that happend.. i thought i should've said "pizza? you like?" to the kid or anything.. but nothing came out when i handed them the food.. then the old lady just smiled and said "thank you.. .... happy valentine's day..."

i wanted to laugh but i didn't.. i mean.. of all the things she could say.. happy valentine's day?! why not, kung hei fat choi or simply thank you?! haha! anyway.. haha!!! i didn't understand why i reacted this way too..

but for all i know.. like i've said.. i did something today.. not a great or very noble deed.. but for me i did somehing that made me feel very very good inside somehow..

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