solo 249M philippine lotto winner, from luzon

just found out that somebody won the biggest jackpot in the philippine lotto history (6/49).

the philippine charity sweepstakes office (PCSO) said that they found 1 winner in their database. the exact jackpot amount was Php249,005,120.40. and this was the six number combination that was drawn:: 47-32-1-46-15-29.

for more info, visit the

i wonder what i would to with all that money eh? haha! o well.. congratulations to the SOLO winner. maybe i should try my luck sometime?

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intel pentium core 2 quad

this was supposedly the specs i was planning for my new system:

intel processor core 2 duo 3.0 gh
msi p31 neo-f p31
1 gig kingston ram pc 667
250 gb seagate barracuda sata
inno3d 8600 gts 256 mb
new casing

when i got there, the 3 gig core 2 duo and video card was out of stock.. so instead, my new specs i bought was:

intel processor core 2 quad 2.44 gh
msi p31 neo-f p31
1 gig kingston ram pc 667
250 gb seagate barracuda sata
inno3d 8800 gt 256 mb
new casing

waaah! so that was higher processor at the same time higher video card model!

i was php2000+ over my original budget. o well.. i am worrying about the the choice i made for my video card.. it seemed that the impression of inno3d nowadays are not that ok.. buti i do hope it could last as song as i wanted to use this system hehe.. hmm i used my previous/ old system (the one i'm using before upgrading) for about 8 years already heheh!
there she goes, doin what she does best.. :D as you would notice, my tower allows air to flow freely because of it's design. the entire housing have tiny holes. hehe.. it will also allow dusts to go inside.. :c

i used the sticker this time. hehe.. stuck it right beside the power button of my pc. :D

**thank you Toj sa pagsama! you are one VERY cool dude! :D

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the incredible hulk

i like hulk. he's one of my original favorite marvel character. i remember watching his tv series in our first black and white television. i remember that my sister and i quarel sometimes because then, hulk and rainbow brite has the same tv time slot.

i was able to watch some of his movies back then, can't remember exactly how many. though i wasn't able to get copies of his comic series or even try to read them.

i didn't miss his first big screen appearance. directed by award winning ang lee, the movie was a bit of a drag on the first part. but on the later part of the movie, i remembered i was watching it with a big smile (grin) on my face. and this coming june 2008. the sequel will be released, entitled the incredible hulk.

after seeing the trailer, for me, the first hulk is cuter. haha! much bigger.. but the new hulk is a bit smaller, but has more muscles. he will be facing the abomination on the 2nd installment. for me it/ he should be 2 to 3 times bigger than hulk.

well it is still hulk and i love hulk.. haha! watch the trailer here..

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last minute hong kong shopping

my last few hours stay in hong kong didn't keep me from buying more stuff. went to buy some more hong kong fashion magazines. visited the gashapon shop and vended 6 more toys! haha! crazy me.. no wonder i can't save money.

anyway, i wanted to add some more fashion magazines to my international mags collection and hopefully, get some more shoot concepts. the first batch i bought was the Maxim china, march 2008 issue, and the JJ japanese fashion magazine. the hk magazines costs probably from 15-30 hkd while the other internatinal magazine ranges from 50 to 80 hkd. not satisfied with the first 2 mags i bought, i planned to grab some more magazines before i get home. so at the airport i didn't hesitate to visit the first magazine stand i saw. bought 3 heavy magazines again hahah! Jessica, Milk X and FHM china, all of them belong to march 2008 issue..

here are the costs of each magazines i bought:
Maxim china - 28 hkd
JJ - 50 hkd
Jessica - 10 hkd (comes with free giant Jessica catalogue and pink pouch. haha!)
FHM china - 25 hkd
Milk X 30 hkd (the thickest and heavisets..)

next stop, the hong kong international airport gashapon store.

haha! i had the chance to exchange 1 100 hkd bill to 5 dollar coins. and since then i've been collecting 5 hkd coins in case i get to come accross another gashapon vending machines. now i wasn't able to get the chance to picture the store but it's huge! i think it has about 7 or more rows of vending machines.. but still not complete.. i didn't find any lineage 2 figures for my friend haha! so there i was, and i vended 7 more haha! i am an addict.. but don't worry, i didn't spend all my 5 hkd coins.. but i didn't check how much were left yet.

magazines, gashapon

ok so finally, i settled down. felt that it's quite enough. next time maybe i wont spend that much..

we had a quite comfortable flight, and upon landing, one of the flight attendants informed us that pacquiao won again over juan marquez. click here for more details..

it's really good to be back home again.. :D
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flu outbreak

classes from kindergarten and primary schools here in hong kong are suspended today for 2 weeks because of spreading flu like illness. 3 children have died within the week and there are quite several similar cases in different hospitals.

for full news details and updates visit
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fuji instax mini

just saw this in one of the stores here in hong kong while buying the 580 ex ii external flash for my friend. i just had a very difficult time resisting the urge to buy this baby!

fuji instax mini 25, fuji instax mini, fuji instax
photo taken from

the fuji instax mini 25. it's like the traditional polaroid where you can take photos and it prints out the photo in an instant! the one i like comes with 2r sized photo film/paper!

films are also available with different borders and designs. i definitely would want 1!

either that or the
fuji instax mini 7 would do!

fuji instax mini 7, fuji instax mini, fuji instax
*picture taken from
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axxo is back

yes! he's back! after having several months vacation. he made his comeback with the movie I Am Legend last march 09, 2008.

ranked by all with 10/10 audio and 10/10 video quality, superb quality dvd ripper, he is indeed a living legend. we sure did miss him.

welcome back axxo!

you can find his torrents in mininova, isohunt or, any other torrent sites..
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this is to remind myself that i will save money the next time i come back here in hong kong. haha!!! haaay...

kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan photography, kenneth yu chan photography, hong kong
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it wont be soon before long

waaaaaaaaaaah! remember my post about sold out maroon 5 tickets?!?! i gave up that i won't be seeing them to perform live.. so i accepted the schedule my current job gave me. i was sent to hong kong again to meet the client and finalize some issues.. i am scheduled to be here from march 03 to 16, 2008. so the week before march 03, 2008, my flight was confirmed..

last wednesday, just a few days after confirming my flight.. my 2 friends working at Smart, who happned to be one of the major sponsors for m5 concert, messaged me.. asking me if i am still interested in maroon 5 concert.. waaaah! hell yeah! sure i am! #@*&#$*$ but i'm afraid it was too late for me to move my flight and i was too shy to ask for moving the schedule.. haay.. i still managed to buy tickets for my friend though.. :)

ok the story didn't end there.. i arrived in hong kong march 03.. then the same day that evening. "maroon 5 live in hong kong.!!!" #($*#)($*#)$*#)$*#)$(*#(*$*$* i guess i don't have any luck with the group.. :( they will be performing here live on march 19, 2008! waaaah! i am totally not meant to see them perform live... sad..


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