aura: anxious
audio: lifehouse - come back down

i just want to confess that i'm addicted.. addicted with my collections.. once you start collecting stuff, you get addicted.. and it's so damn hard to stop..

i've been collecting comic books and trading cards during my elementary and high school days.. and thank god i was able to stop.. but i did buy a few comics again recently.. but not as many or as often as before.. just 2 or 3 series.. i still have 1 comic pending in my list.. after that i don't have any plans to buy one again.. ever!.. hopefully.. hehe!

but right now.. i've been collecting magazines, audio, cds, video cds and dvds.. waaaaaaaaaaaah!

i need to save me from me!
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short trip

aura: anxious
audio: lifehouse - you and me

i went to taipei last may 3 to may 7, 2005.. it was just a very short trip.. i only had 3 whole days of going around taipei city.. i wasn't able to go to southern part of the country.. hopefully someday i will be able to go to locations i missed the last time..

here are some things that really caught be about this country:

- free of polution.. air, land, i wasn't able to see a single river there, but i guess they also are polution free. hehe!

- weather's quite cool compared here!

- the traffic system is very accessible, effective and efficient.. the majority use scooters.. the road also has a lot of busses and taxis also.. busses doesn't wait and collect passengers.. if there are no passengers in the bus stop then the bus proceeds with its route. people really fall in single line when waiting for the mrt train. even during rush hours. there are video cameras on every corners of the street to monitor the traffic, to be accurte in monitoring traffic violators and, to assure the security of taipei... oh by the way, their taxis are mostly luxury cars.. mosly toyota camry.. hehe!

- people stand on the right sides of escalators.. left sides are for those who are in a hurry..

- no street children. going around the city for 3 days, i only saw 2 beggars.. and nope they weren't children, they weren't old neither.. just middle aged and both of them are handicapped.

- the malls are huge, clean.. i think they always seemed newly openned... the floors and walls will tell you that.. very well maintained and the interior is very very good..

- cops look respectable and approachable.. and they don't have a big bellies..

- hospitals are clean..

hmm what else? well it's a completely different country.. i just wish people here would start thinking not only of themselves.. but more importantly the welfare of the whole country.. i believe that we are in a beautiful country.. people just manage to destroy it.. i mean physically and mentally.. nature are slowly despirited.. and the repution of the country's not something that we could be proud of.. but i don't think filipinos care.. i just wish that we would.. before it's too late...

thanks by the way to my friend for bringing me around the city..
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aura: hot
audio: save ferris - let me in

"ang init!!!!!!"

"... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init!!!"

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aura: harrassed
audio: nina - steep

we all know that music is life.. i started collecting albums since the Ang TV times.. haha! actually it was the first album (cassette tape only) that i had a chance to buy.. then my cassette collections grew.. then came compact discs (CD).. hehe.. until now, i buy cds from time to time.. too bad they are very expensive now a days so my list just grew longer and longer.. haha!

anyway, i just bought 2 OPM records yesterday.. Nina - Live! and Hale.. my friend bought Nina's also and Kitchie Nadal's album.. don't know what happened to us recently but we're just sooo into OPMs lately.. my exact words were... "natutuwa ako sa mga OPMs ngayon..." i am very happy how pinoy music have developed and grown.. especially to all the bands that are coming out right now.. all of them are really really good.. i even get surprised how others sounded like international artists.. i'm really glad that a lot of them are in the hit charts.. some are even on the top spots..

hehe.. i hope OPM continues to grow.. i'm really proud to be pinoy though i'm chinese.. what the hell, i enjoy pinoy music..

i recommend all of you guys to grab a copy of these outstanding pinoy artists' albums and please don't buy pirated records.. hehe! they are worth to buy...

OPM rocks!!!!

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the man of steel returns

aura: still hot
audio: maroon 5 - woman

wow! it's been a while since we've started hearing of making superman v.. i'm not really sure what happened during those times.. i think they are having difficulties on searching for the right actor.. or i've read once that they couldn't come up with the right script..

anyway, as i browsed through today's news paper, i saw the picture of the new man of steel.. i'm not really sure how i felt, but i was kinda excited.. well maybe it has kept me waiting for a very long time to come up with the sequel to the superman series, or maybe it's the child in me that triggred my excitment.. everytime i hear or see or know that there's going to be an upcoming movie about one of our super heroes i just get really curious, hopped up or animated... of course the presentation or the costume is one of the most important element that would make a great impact for me..

i'm not a big fan of superman.. i like batman a lot lot better.. (can't wait to see batman begins, which i really do hope that it's not going to be another flop.. i'm talking about batman forever and batman & robin.. not sure with the title but they were that 3rd and 4th batman movies.. the first 2 were ok.. heehee!) but when i saw the picture of the new superman with his new costume... i somehow felt excited.. it still has the classic look.. but now darker and it just looks better.. i wish i have that kind of body.. hehe!

anyway, cheers to all superman fans!

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aura: hot and sleepy!!!
audio: mariah carey can't take that away

it was my first time to be in a motor show last night.. i'm not a big fan of cars and i'm not really familiar with a lot of them. i'm not even familiar with engine specs, horse powers, valves, cylinders etc. hehe! but a cool car would really get my attention and at the same time would fascinate me.. after i saw one, i would just spend time day dreaming of me having that kind of car...

a lot of cool cars were displayed at the exhibit last night.. but there's only one set of cars that i really ancticipated to witness.. the series mitsubishi's lancer evolutions.. they were displayed at the back most part of the room.. god those cars are really gorgeous!

all series of lancer's evolution were displayed there from evolution I to evolution VIII.. and yep.. i just wished that i'd earn lots of money to buy me one someday.. ahahaha! i wonder how many evolutions would be released when time comes i'd be able to afford one. haha! Evo L?! Evo C?!


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