shooting mode: frustrated

aura: frustrated
audio: fall out boy - thnks fr th mmrs

last night was weird. went to an auto show last night at the world trade center philippines where they held the 3rd manila international auto show. my friend and i were pretty excited about the event and we couldn't wait for the night to come. as a photography hobbyist and enthusiast, we were expecting to be able to come up with some pretty nice shots..

but the night ended leaving both of us frustrated and not really in the mood doing our stuff.. i don't know. personally i guess it has something to do with the lighting, the venue. i mean shooting those automobiles was hard.. i couldn't get a nice angle. i couldn't compose my pictures' colors well (even though i played with the white balance settings) i just couldn't produce a well decent image!

weird huh!? yep.. the lighting? hmm or the cars? coz personally i don't really know stuff about cars.. i just admire them, of course. and i wish i have one.. but i don't have one and i wasn't able to buy one yet hahaha! what else? the promo girls? kinda intimidating, coz they are models and they have enough experiences in modeling.. i do approach them, ask for their permissions and all.. and they did agree for me to take their pictures. of course after shooting, as an act of appreciation, i talked to them, showed them my shots, and thanked them.. hmm most of them spoke to me in english. and ako naman.. in filipino lang hahah! the thing is, i was kinda ashamed with the results of my shots.. hahaha! i'm not a pro.. and it's my first time to do portraits of real beautiful models.. and again, the lightings i guess haha! blame it on the lighting! i could not compose better pictures..

anyway, it was a nice experience though. i've been praying for an opportunity to shoot models and try if i could do it.. i was thankful for last night. i still need a lot lot of improvements and need to hone my skills if i want to pursue portraits..

i'll be uploading some pictures to my multiply.. i really need your comments and suggestions.. especially when shooting in those kinds of settings.. i need some tips in shooting portraits.. haha! thank you and i hope you like them somehow..

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