in heat

aura: drained
audio: none

GRABE, TWO WORDS, AAAANNNNGGGG IIIINNNNIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!!! ang init sa labas! ang init dito sa loob ng bahay! ang init na sa pinas! haha! though a lot of poeple are already in vacation.. vacation mode.. but still sobrang init. thank God may hangin kahit papano.. pero mainit pa din haha! it'll be my word for the whole summer.. hehe!

btw, posted some new albums in my multiply last week.. hehe! hopefully more to come! thank you!

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aura: sleepy/ tired
audio: none

at long last. i'm back! hehe! quite a while huh?! anyway, i've been pretty much the same.. everything's still the old stuff.. but i've been to photography for quite some time now.. just bought a dslr last january and ever since i've been a trigger happy guy! luckily, i was able to capture some ok moments, and surprisingly made some pretty impressive images.. and ever since, i just couldn't take my mind off photography.. hehe! addict! just a mere hobbyist.. of course i want to make money out of my very expensive hobby, but right now, i still need to hone and work on my skills.. so.. in line with that.. i started a new scheme.. a new mission on my daily life.. that is to make at least 1 good shot out of 5? haha! at first i wanted to take at least 20 shots per day.. but after i started ang took some shots.. i told myself na "ai, hmm.. 10 nalang.." then after taking some more.. "hmm, nope, 5 nalang siguro.." hehe! haaay.. sometimes it really gets depressing and frustrating hahahah! wrong angle, wrong exposure, wrong composition! waaah! i wish i have the skills to make even the oddest thing look pretty good when i capture them.. make my shots powerful... o well. at least i enjoy what i do.. so what if i didn't produce a well decent, nice, great pictures? important is i enjoy it.. i'm somehow feel peaceful just for those moments trying and hoping to make some pretty good shots.. anyway, for my first day on my daily mission.. hehe! here are some shots worth posting here hehe! pardon me if you can't find anything to like.. i don't care.. they are my pictures hahah! just kidding.. anyway, like they said.. "walang pakialamanan, kahit anong gusto mong ilagay dito sa blog lagay mo lang..." hahah! and others also said that "..kanya kanya naman yan ng perceptions.. kanya kanyang interpretations..."
thank you for viewing my pictures! :D

ayun lang.. thank you!

ps: these images were taken in RAW format.. hehe! thank you full (jm) on the tips and ideas and converting me to shoot in RAW.. hehe! so there were some post processing done with these pics! RAWs are awesome!!! hehe! astig!

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aura:: stressed!
music:: kaskade - be still

thinking of updating my blog again.. maybe soon..
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