Nexus 7 (2013)

i've been thinking of purchasing a nexus 7 ever since all the good reviews came out.. even though the device came out earlier than some newer tablets came out months after the original nexus 7, Google's Asus made tablet remained comparable to these newer tablets..

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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 - Official Teaser Trailer

WOOT! very excited about this!

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the real iron throne

accoding to George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Fire and Ice Saga, this is what the real iron throne should look like.. the author's detailed description of the supposed iron throne were as follows:

"From now on, THIS will be the reference I give to every other artist tackling a throne room scene. This Iron Throne is massive. Ugly. Assymetric. It's a throne made by blacksmiths hammering together half-melted, broken, twisted swords, wrenched from the hands of dead men or yielded up by defeated foes... a symbol of conquest... it has the steps I describe, and the height. From on top, the king dominates the throne room. And there are thousands of swords in it, not just a few." ~ George R. R. Martin


Scariest throne i'd ever seen!
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Canon Announces EOS 70D

Canon just announced their latest addition to their DSLR lineup, the Canon EOS 70D, which will be available by the end of August, 2013. it's highlight feature is a brand new 20.2 megapixels "Dual Pixel CMOS AF" sensor.. the latest mid range DSLR model also features 19AF points as compared to its predecessor having only 9 AF points. it also has touch screen control with articulated lcd and built in Wi-Fi features.

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