my first published assignment for a magazine was from the Statement Magazine (Philippines).

got the assignment 1 day before the scheduled appointment with the magazine's subject. very short noticed indeed. the assigned photographer was not available the last minute. and my friend Jethro, who has been contributing articles to the magazine, referred me..

i hesitated to accept at first, but then i realized that if i do not accept it now, when will be the right time? i don't have the complete gears as all other pros have.. my equipment are rather old and basic.. fortunately, i accepted the assignment.. the magazine only needed 1 profile portrait of their subject anyway, preferably whole body portrait.. and out of 100 photos that i planned to take, i think i'd be able to come up with one descent shot.

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shooting for the first time (for magazine), i didn't really know what to do.. i have been into photography since 2007. i believe i have the basic skills and knowledge in taking good pictures. but taking photos as a hobby is far from taking photos as a profession.. for one the pressure would really get into you once you got the assignment. i have no idea who the subject was.. i have to think what the editor and readers expects. and of course, i didn't know if my best is good enough for the majority/public..

the experience of shooting for work is very different from shooting for pleasure.. i was very nervous before the shoot started.. but as the shoot went on, i just did what i always do when shooting.. focus and click the shutter.. well i did set up the light/ strobe a little.. but didn't exactly know what the result would be.. :p

to my surprise, i was finished within an hour. i was already happy and contented with the photos i took so far (hmm i don't think i reached 100 photos).. i always thought i shoot slow.. but anyway, before the day ends, i was able to submit 3 photos of my choice (the magazine only needed 1)..

i never really expected that my photos will be chosen and published. after a month, my friend texted my that he got my copy of Statement magazine, yes it's a complimentary copy. YEY! i got my copy the day after the awesome news.. right then and there, i was given heads up for yet another assignment for the magazine.. this time, i was really very very, pressured.

the shoot for my second assignment was yesterday, June 29, 2010. i will submit the photo within today or tomorrow, and i just hope that it gets published too.. yesterday's shoot, didn't go that well for me.. the weather condition and subject are perfect.. but i failed, clearly.. :c i have no excuses, but i guess i was really nervous and starstruck.. still unacceptable excuses..

i am thankful, though, it seems that each assignment (challenge), so far has given me the chance to learn new skills and to improve myself even more... (but i definitely need to upgrade my gears, starting with my camera, a Canon 5D Mark 2 and a Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 would be great)... lessons learned and enjoyed every moment of it..

so check out the statement magazine issue 05/06 2010 and hopefully issues after this too!

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