final hours of 2005

aura: excited
audio: bethany joy lenz and tyler hilton - when the stars go blue

sorry it took me quite a while to post at my blog again... it seems that i am not really the type of person who could easily express the things going in my mind. it's not that my life is boring.. believe me.. like most people do, i also go through what we so called "life".. but i just chose not to post them here sometime.. anyway, just want to post some things that could help me remember on things i ought to do or, keep in my mind next year..

ok here it goes:
- post on my blog more often so that i could exercise my expression skills. ;)
- i was hoping that i could go out with my parents/ family more often. (take them to makati, libis, etc. places that they haven't been to.)
- save money. make sure to monitor my budget.
- start to plan/ or think what i really want to do with my life. hehe!
- to watch WWE Raw Live here in manila! i already got the tickets.. it's going to be on february 24, 2006 @ araneta coliseum. God! i can't wait for this day to come.. hehe! it's actually in my list of things i want to do before i die...
- clean my room/ stuff more often..
- help or contribute to my dad's business..
- read at least one book per month.. so that should be 12 or more books next year! i think i only finished 3 or 4 books this year.. tsk tsk.. too bad...
- .....

see?! i just couldn't put into words every single thing i want to say or write.. anyway.. maybe that's just it.. or more, i'll just keep you guys posted.. hehehe!

to my family, i thank you for your forever support to me and my sister and brother. love you so much..

to all my friends, you know who you are.. thanks a bunch for giving colors and meaning to my life.. (Öist.. if you're reading this, just want to let you know that i'm really really greatful and thankful that we've met.. thank you for becoming part of my life.. (told you i'm not really good with words..) anyway, i will always be here for you no matter what..)

to everyone, i wish you happy new year! (and belated merry xmas! :D) hope you had a good one and a better year to come! take care y'all!
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lie, cheat, steal

aura: neutral
audio: mariah carey - shake it off

haven't been updating my blog lately.. didn't feel like posting my thoughts lately.. and i'm not really sure why.

anyway.. just want to drop by and pay respect to one of my favorite wrestlers. we miss you and thanks. (i watched raw's/ wwe's tribute to eddie last night and i can't believe i felt like crying!)

rest in peace latino heat.

"ese..."; "mama sita.."; "viva larrasa..."; "i lie, i cheat, i steal...".

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have a nice day

aura: dissapointed
audio: mymp - tell me where it hurts

men... they still rock!!!

have a nice day!

have a nice day!
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take 2

aura: bored
audio: gavin degraw - i don't want to be

remember my hi-low post?

well just last monday.. i did something again.. not the exact incident but my motive was pretty much the same..

i was supposed to get water to drink.. again.. good thing i went to the right place this time.. i approached the water dispenser.. and there i was, standing right in front of it.. then i realized i didn't bring my mug with me...


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boiled down

aura: sleepy
audio: mojofly - mata

after cutting my hair... (archived entry)

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aura: hi-low
audio: saliva - rest in peices

i just couldn't get enough words to describe how i feel today.. i felt so vulnerable, exposed, unprotected, unsafe, weak, sensitive, assailable, defenseless, naked, unhappy, moody, glum, blue......

i just found today very very peculiar... where everything around you are in slow motion.. the way i think.. the way i do things.. the way i go from one place to another just to do something... its like i took drugs or what.. my mind was just so preoccupied by a lot of things going on in my life that i often responded to my surroundings

just to give you an idea.. this afternoon while in the office, i was going to get a drink in our water dispenser.. so i took off my seat, took my cup and went to the wash room instead of going into the water dispenser.. well at least i could find water in wash rooms.. pft....

i just wish i could find answers to every weird thing that's happening to me right now....

anyways.. off topic.. just want to share this song.. it's... nice....

try checkin it out..

saliva - rest in pieces

Look at me, my depth perception must be off again
Cause this hurts deeper than I thought it did
It has not healed with time
It just shot down my spine
You look so beautiful tonight
Reminds me how you laid us down
And gently smiled before you destroyed my life

Would you find it in your heart
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
(let me rest in pieces)
Would you find it in your heart
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
(let me rest in pieces)

Look at me, my depth perception must be off again
You got much closer than I thought you did
I am in your reach
You held me in your hands

Would you find it in your heart
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
(let me rest in pieces)
Would you find it in your heart
To make it go away
And let me rest in pieces
(let me rest in pieces)

Would you find it in your heart
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
(let me rest in pieces)
Would you find it in your heart
(find it in your heart)
And let me rest in pieces
(let me rest in pieces)

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what policiy?

aura: have no idea
audio: mayonnaise - pink white blue

i just want to inform and warn you guys that the next time you see me especially to those who haven't see me since august 9, 2005 afternoon (tuesday). that you'd be surprised.. believe me.. even i, myself still get shocked some times when i look myself in the mirror..

i was forced to cut my hair last tuesday.. i was this close on reaching the length of hair i planned to have since last year.. the company i'm working at right now just informed me through my department's head and through my manager to cut my hair!!! i have no idea and didn't quiet get the logic of their request.. i mean i took my exam, had my interview and contract signing and had been working there with my hair almost that long and didn't get any warning.. then after a year of working.. just this month they told me through the dept head and my manager via email that i was violating whatever policy they have, which by the way was quite vague and i would say nobody ever had any idea that that policy exists.. i even talked to someone, whose been in that company for a couple of years, one of oldest member in our dept, and asked me why did i cut my hair? "BAWAL BA ANG LONG HAIR?!" (is having a long hair not allowed?) aaaaaargggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


i got really mad when my colleagues informed me that hr dept sent an email with the subject "kenneth chan" and telling the dept head and my manager all sorts of things about me violating policies or rules or whatever were written in the company's handbook that we didn't knew exists... i just thanked God i didn't had a chance to read that letter.. (my colleagues happened to read it by accident.. hehe!) after that i just can't calm myself.. i actually did had the idea of leaving this job asap.. i mean even the hr have seen me a couple of times.. and never i did get any words from them.. well not after a year.. and not directly to me.. through my manager!

anyway.. i've just decided to cut my hair short to show respect to the dept head and my manager.. to be honest, i still get mad everytime i think of what happened.. i just felt like i was in high school again.. to all my college friends, friends i met after high school.. don't get surprised coz i know i never had my hair done like this after i left high school.. haha!

well what can i say? @*$#%@@#@!%$@$*%@$@#@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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long hair? or long hair?

aura: glad
audio natali imbruglia - counting down the days

just had my hair cut last week.. see the difference? mwahahahaha!

before and after...
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aura: no idea
audio: evanescence - imaginary

just had my time to start watching the latest season of smallville (season 4) last week. and i would say that the plot's twists and everything were pretty interesting.. (and i love lois lane's character..) just found out that the supervising producer involved one of the famous comic writer, jeph loeb.. thanks to him..

i've still got 10 episodes to watch for season 4 though.. can't wait for season 5 to premier this coming 29th of september! haha!
check out KryptonSite-> a good source for smallville fans.. =)

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opm soundtrip

aura: relaxed
audio: m.y.m.p. - kailan

pump up the volume....




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church visit

aura: tired
audio: mayonnaise - tulog (cute song by the way...)

i went to church again yesterday.. after a very, very, very long time since the last time i stepped inside one, and brought myself in His holy presence.. it was a nice visit.. i only attend mass during chirstmas and new years day.. i even hardly listen to the priest's sermon.. hehe..

anyway, after that i was taking pictures just outside the church.. i was taking a few shots of the crusifiction figurine when 1 street child approached me and asked for alms (coin usually or money). "kuya pengeng barya.." (of course with matching pouty facial expression...) i don't usually give alms to them so i replied "wala po.." (i've got nothing..) then i was surprised when he asked me to take a picture of him instead! he even called some other kids to join him.. so i took a shot.. hey.. at least i made them smile even just a moment or a few second of their july 16th, 2005..

street children Posted by Picasa
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what's up?

aura: bored
audio: lifehouse - blind

yup! i'm still alive.. it's been a while since my last post.. just couldn't think of anything to post on my blog lately.. or maybe i was just quite busy or not in the mood lately i didn't find any time to visit my own blog.... anyway.. these were the past events of my life..

- we've had the badminton tournament that was held last june 19, 2005. (organized by our batch) there weren't a lot of people participated.. but it was fun and meaningful.. they say that it's not the quantity but it's the quality that counts.

- the fx (public transportation vehicle) i rode last june 17 was heldup by 2 armed robbers.. those bastards got my mobile phone and my 100 peso bill!

- i just had my second godson.. his christening happend last june 25.. he just turned 1 year old last june 20.. hehe.. i wish him good health, more birthdays to come and, a happy and fruitful life ahead.. also goodluck to my 'kumpare' vincent's family.. i wish you all the best! till next birthday of my godson.. or till the next new member of your family.. heheheheheh!

well, what can i say.. my life is pretty much the same.. same old guy with same old tastes.. same sickness and just couldn't stop himself from buying dvds, audio cds and video cds! same old me living my simple life..

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aura: anxious
audio: lifehouse - come back down

i just want to confess that i'm addicted.. addicted with my collections.. once you start collecting stuff, you get addicted.. and it's so damn hard to stop..

i've been collecting comic books and trading cards during my elementary and high school days.. and thank god i was able to stop.. but i did buy a few comics again recently.. but not as many or as often as before.. just 2 or 3 series.. i still have 1 comic pending in my list.. after that i don't have any plans to buy one again.. ever!.. hopefully.. hehe!

but right now.. i've been collecting magazines, audio, cds, video cds and dvds.. waaaaaaaaaaaah!

i need to save me from me!
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short trip

aura: anxious
audio: lifehouse - you and me

i went to taipei last may 3 to may 7, 2005.. it was just a very short trip.. i only had 3 whole days of going around taipei city.. i wasn't able to go to southern part of the country.. hopefully someday i will be able to go to locations i missed the last time..

here are some things that really caught be about this country:

- free of polution.. air, land, i wasn't able to see a single river there, but i guess they also are polution free. hehe!

- weather's quite cool compared here!

- the traffic system is very accessible, effective and efficient.. the majority use scooters.. the road also has a lot of busses and taxis also.. busses doesn't wait and collect passengers.. if there are no passengers in the bus stop then the bus proceeds with its route. people really fall in single line when waiting for the mrt train. even during rush hours. there are video cameras on every corners of the street to monitor the traffic, to be accurte in monitoring traffic violators and, to assure the security of taipei... oh by the way, their taxis are mostly luxury cars.. mosly toyota camry.. hehe!

- people stand on the right sides of escalators.. left sides are for those who are in a hurry..

- no street children. going around the city for 3 days, i only saw 2 beggars.. and nope they weren't children, they weren't old neither.. just middle aged and both of them are handicapped.

- the malls are huge, clean.. i think they always seemed newly openned... the floors and walls will tell you that.. very well maintained and the interior is very very good..

- cops look respectable and approachable.. and they don't have a big bellies..

- hospitals are clean..

hmm what else? well it's a completely different country.. i just wish people here would start thinking not only of themselves.. but more importantly the welfare of the whole country.. i believe that we are in a beautiful country.. people just manage to destroy it.. i mean physically and mentally.. nature are slowly despirited.. and the repution of the country's not something that we could be proud of.. but i don't think filipinos care.. i just wish that we would.. before it's too late...

thanks by the way to my friend for bringing me around the city..
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aura: hot
audio: save ferris - let me in

"ang init!!!!!!"

"... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init... ang init!!!"

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aura: harrassed
audio: nina - steep

we all know that music is life.. i started collecting albums since the Ang TV times.. haha! actually it was the first album (cassette tape only) that i had a chance to buy.. then my cassette collections grew.. then came compact discs (CD).. hehe.. until now, i buy cds from time to time.. too bad they are very expensive now a days so my list just grew longer and longer.. haha!

anyway, i just bought 2 OPM records yesterday.. Nina - Live! and Hale.. my friend bought Nina's also and Kitchie Nadal's album.. don't know what happened to us recently but we're just sooo into OPMs lately.. my exact words were... "natutuwa ako sa mga OPMs ngayon..." i am very happy how pinoy music have developed and grown.. especially to all the bands that are coming out right now.. all of them are really really good.. i even get surprised how others sounded like international artists.. i'm really glad that a lot of them are in the hit charts.. some are even on the top spots..

hehe.. i hope OPM continues to grow.. i'm really proud to be pinoy though i'm chinese.. what the hell, i enjoy pinoy music..

i recommend all of you guys to grab a copy of these outstanding pinoy artists' albums and please don't buy pirated records.. hehe! they are worth to buy...

OPM rocks!!!!

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the man of steel returns

aura: still hot
audio: maroon 5 - woman

wow! it's been a while since we've started hearing of making superman v.. i'm not really sure what happened during those times.. i think they are having difficulties on searching for the right actor.. or i've read once that they couldn't come up with the right script..

anyway, as i browsed through today's news paper, i saw the picture of the new man of steel.. i'm not really sure how i felt, but i was kinda excited.. well maybe it has kept me waiting for a very long time to come up with the sequel to the superman series, or maybe it's the child in me that triggred my excitment.. everytime i hear or see or know that there's going to be an upcoming movie about one of our super heroes i just get really curious, hopped up or animated... of course the presentation or the costume is one of the most important element that would make a great impact for me..

i'm not a big fan of superman.. i like batman a lot lot better.. (can't wait to see batman begins, which i really do hope that it's not going to be another flop.. i'm talking about batman forever and batman & robin.. not sure with the title but they were that 3rd and 4th batman movies.. the first 2 were ok.. heehee!) but when i saw the picture of the new superman with his new costume... i somehow felt excited.. it still has the classic look.. but now darker and it just looks better.. i wish i have that kind of body.. hehe!

anyway, cheers to all superman fans!

man of steel Posted by Hello

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aura: hot and sleepy!!!
audio: mariah carey can't take that away

it was my first time to be in a motor show last night.. i'm not a big fan of cars and i'm not really familiar with a lot of them. i'm not even familiar with engine specs, horse powers, valves, cylinders etc. hehe! but a cool car would really get my attention and at the same time would fascinate me.. after i saw one, i would just spend time day dreaming of me having that kind of car...

a lot of cool cars were displayed at the exhibit last night.. but there's only one set of cars that i really ancticipated to witness.. the series mitsubishi's lancer evolutions.. they were displayed at the back most part of the room.. god those cars are really gorgeous!

all series of lancer's evolution were displayed there from evolution I to evolution VIII.. and yep.. i just wished that i'd earn lots of money to buy me one someday.. ahahaha! i wonder how many evolutions would be released when time comes i'd be able to afford one. haha! Evo L?! Evo C?!


Evo VIII and Evo VI Posted by Hello

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full circle

aura: hot!!!
audio: hale - broken sonnet

just when i'm about to leave our home last sunday to meet with a friend. i suddenly heard the hosts of ASAP (noon time variety show during sundays) excitedly introduced the next performers for the portion they called FULL CIRCLE. and after hearing the name "maja" just paralyzed me right then and there.. good thing i was already in front of the tv when that happened.

man she's back again and god i missed her performing dance numbers in that show.. i haven't seen her performing for a while.. talk about things that make your world go round.. when i see watch or see dance.. i don't give a damn on what's happening on earth and i just wish that time would stop.. i don't want it to end! ok i know i'm over reacting again, but anyway... *sigh*...

she's pretty and *sigh*... it seems i can't get the right words to describe the way she dances.. but she's very very very good.. very very good... very very very good...


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song hit 001

aura: down
audio: simple plan - untitled

i'm a type of person who would like songs just by listening or hearing the beat, rhythm or simply the sound of the song itself without knowing the entire meaning of it. unlike others who would read the lyrics of the song when they hear the song for the first time.. haha! o well.. believe it or not, i haven't known the entire meaning of most of the songs that i know.. some of them are even my lifetime favorites! hahaha! o well.. i just learned from a friend that i'd appreciate the songs more if i know the message of the song.. ö

i asked my friend to check out simple plan's untitled. this song gives me goose bumps everytime i listen to it!!! i swear it's worth the 4 minutes of your life.. so better check it out. it's not as loud or as fast as some of their released singles.. i was quite surprised by my friend's reaction. she told me that she could totally relate to the song and she did fell for it after listening to it! hehe! anyway, this was the second song i told my friend to listen to.. the first one i think was also, coming from simple plan titled perfect world.. hehe! also, another song worth checking out.


simple plan - untitled

I open my eyes
I try to see but I’m blinded by the white light
I can’t remember how
I can’t remember why
I’m lying here tonight

And I can’t stand the pain
And I can’t make it go away
No I can’t stand the pain

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
I’ve got no where to run
The night goes on
As I’m fading away
I’m sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

Everybody’s screaming
I try to make a sound but no one hears me
I’m slipping off the edge
I’m hanging by a thread
I wanna start this over again

So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered
And I can’t explain what happened
And I can’t erase the things that I’ve done
No I can’t

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
I’ve got no where to run
The night goes on
As I’m fading away
I’m sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

I made my mistakes
I’ve got no where to run
The night goes on
As I’m fading away
I’m sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

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aura: down
audio: simple plan - untitled

yey! m back!!! i was out for quite some time.. a lot of things went through my thoughts this past few days, weeks, month? can't seem to recall everything that happend to me since the last time i posted on my blog. for one i was able to see avril lavign and simple plan's concert here in manila!!! yeah! simple plan rocks! hehe! avril lavign's great! man she's cute.. and wild.. pretty talented huh!

a lot of things indeed happend to me.. my life was not as eventful or meaningful like the others but it was pretty much like life...

i wish i could put
into words everything that i'm feeling right now. all the happy, unhappy, feelings or thoughts that are inside me.. but hey, i just can't. guess i know for myself that i'm not a vocal person.. can't seem to get or think of the right words to express everything i wanted the world to know..

but anyway, a lot of things did happen, good things, bad things, i had my ups and downs, painful and soothing moments.. well for those who knows me, i was down most of the time ehehe! :D most of them i couldn't explain why.. but i've accepted all of them and i know all of these are just part of life.. i thank God for each and every second of my life He's giving me.. for letting me feel that everythings going to be just fine when i've got no one to turn to.. for showing me and leading me to meeting or knowing wonderful people around me.. friends, families, who are always there when i needed someone.. for helping me to learn and grow.. for letting me feel His presence when i'm about to get mad.. mad at myself and the world.. for reminding me just to keep the faith..

anyway.. like i've said, i'm back.. and however life treats me, the hell with it, i've got HIM, i've got you (wonderful
families, friends and good people around me)! ^_^
i swear i'll never get tired of living MY life!!!

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aura: fine
audio: gabrielle - sunshine

upcoming event!!!

hopefully by may ö Posted by Hello
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aura: sleepy
audio: gwen stefani feat eve - rich gir

i invited my brother to join me jogging this morning.. it was tiring but fun.. hehe!

we jogged till our feet felt so damn itchy and tired then we end up walking on our way back home.. hahaha!

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the chosen one...

aura: delightful
audio: simple plan - perfect world

our office had a gathering this afternoon at wack wack golf country club. there were presentations and, speeches. the food were also great.. too bad i wasn't able to appreciate them much coz my tummy feels very very funny.. hehe! and oh by the way, i was part of one of the presentors and our group danced billy crowford's latest single bright light... we practiced hard but unfortunately, i forgot the steps for the entire first stanza during our number.. haha! and not only that, i got lost a number of times and i just made a fool out of myself.. one of my friend even thought i was going to quit and leave the stage already.. but they say the show must go on.. i'm not really sure what happened up there... i was able to get all the steps during my 2 day practice but... @#$*@*#!!! anyway.. but i did enjoy the dance.. it was a fun, haunting and, memorable experience for me..

it's not my first time to be in such an activity or gathering.. the place was packed with the company's staff and, big bosses.. seeing these dynamic people who, i'm sure, have great minds and skills somehow made me feel proud to be part of this company.. with the nice people from the different branches or departments.. with the beautiful people from the IT department (that's where i belong Ü) especially to my best colleagues/friends, i really do hope our friendships last forever, i felt very very blessed and thankful...

on my way home.. i felt very ashamed of what happened up there.. but like i've said it was a fun experience.. and halfway home, i just felt excited and couldn't wait to see my family again.. i just realized i missed them a lot already.. i was excited to arrive home and have dinner with my family.. excited to give my sister the magazine i bought for her last thursday, coz i didn't have a chance to give it until i came home tonight.. and i was thrilled to challenge my brother again for a pc game of NBA Live 2k5.. hehe!

it was a long week.. i just couldn't wait to lay on our bed and take plenty of rest and a very very deep sleep tonight...

(-.-) ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.......

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an old lady with a kid and a slice of pizza

aura: gay
audio: strata - never there

i did something today... not a very noble deed.. neither it's as great thing like our marvelous super heroes do.. but i did something...

today, i rode an FX with a strange old lady with a kid. they were already there when i rode at the back most seat of the vehicle.. we were the only one's who are seated on the back.. i'm not really good in expressing my thought or my self, so i'm not really good when it comes to describing people. but let't just put it this way. when you see the old lady and the kid, you could tell that they belonged to the poor bracket of our society. she had with her a small duffle bag and a plastic bag that were dirty. they also wear quite dirty clothes..

i shouted "mama, bayad po... v. mapa po.. isa lang.. " when i payed my fee.. the old lady smiled to me and asked.. "v. mapa? how much? 15?" i just nodded to say yes..

then on the way, she suddenly adjusted the aircon and said.. "you point it to you.. " "is it ok already?" i just nooded again to say yes and smiled to say thank you.. it's just wierd.. the old lady i mean..

then half way, she suddenly asked for the time.. she shouted.. "manong what time is it already?" then the driver didn't understand the old lady and slowed the vehicle down, to asked if somebody wished to go down already.. but the old lady just said.. "ai, the man with the watch (the one who's seated in front).. what time is it?" then a lady on the middle passenger seat who was holding a mobile phone with her just replied with the time.. "five o' nine... alas sinko po.." then the old lady just went "o thank you, don't eat peanut.. you're skin would look better... eat vitamin C.. 250 miligrams.. you'll look nicer.. don't eat peanut.. peanut's bad for skin.. they are good for the brain but bad for the skin.." the lady in the middle just smiled back to the old lady..

wierd and funny huh? the old lady finally reached her destination and asked the driver to stop.. she said.. "mama, sa susunod na kanto lang po kami.. para nalang po sa tabi.." i think the wierdest part is when i handed something to the old lady when they went down the FX.. it's just a bag with a single slice of pizza, just a left over during lunch with my college friends.. just so happend i was the one who took the left overs home..

i don't
usually give alms to street children or to beggars who suddenly knocks on your vehicle windows or scattered on city streets doing nothing for a living.. anyway.. i didn't said anything when i handed her the food... i just pointed my thumb to the kid and nodded, again.. i believe she understood that i meant it's just something for the kid to eat if he's hungry... nothing came out of my mouth when that happend.. i thought i should've said "pizza? you like?" to the kid or anything.. but nothing came out when i handed them the food.. then the old lady just smiled and said "thank you.. .... happy valentine's day..."

i wanted to laugh but i didn't.. i mean.. of all the things she could say.. happy valentine's day?! why not, kung hei fat choi or simply thank you?! haha! anyway.. haha!!! i didn't understand why i reacted this way too..

but for all i know.. like i've said.. i did something today.. not a great or very noble deed.. but for me i did somehing that made me feel very very good inside somehow..

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first time part 2

aura: sleepy
audio: gabrielle - sunshine

haha!!! my first online exam.. just got curious.. got the link from misty.. hehehe..

eXpressive: 6/10

Practical: 3/10
Physical: 2/10
Giver: 6/10

You are a XSIG--Expressive Sentimental Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Teddy Bear.

Hee! I just want to give you a big squeeze. You are tender, honest, generous and fair. You are an excellent kisser and a sensitive, communicative lover, and you know it. You would never intentionally hurt someone's feelings or overstep his/her boundaries. You have beautiful eyes.

Most people take your laid-back attitude, blazing wit and subtle sexiness and stick you in "friend." But some see your extreme hotness for what it is and latch on. This means you have a few members of your target sex in the bank at all times -- I call this "money in the sex bank" -- but you're too sensitive and thoughtful to exploit them. More than once.

You are so rational and deliberate in an argument that it can frustrate and exhaust your partner. Your fights can take forever, but your press on with them until they are completely resolved and both you and your partner are satisfied. If your partner is weak of will, s/he may just give in -- be wary of this! An emotional or passive-aggressive outburst later will hurt and horrify you.

It is *critically important* that you are able to respect your partner. The moment you lose respect for him/her, you lose everything.

When you make friends, you make them for life -- you can go without speaking to a friend for years and pick up right where you left off. You are completely faithful, both physically and emotionally. You are the second best (to XPIG) parent of any type.

If you are male, you have a huge shlong. Just saying.

Of the 184883 people who have taken this quiz, 7.9 % are this type.

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first time

aura: full
audio: green day - boulevard of broken dreams

i just had several first time experiences last week when me and my friends went to visit our good friend in bulacan.

it was my first time to be there since i always missed the past trips my friends had..

i had my first experience of getting lost on the highway as we forgot what exit to take..

it was my first time to drink that much amount of alcohol.. not too much though.. just enough to make me dizzy and make me feel like my eyes are swollen.. but they're not.. hehe.. they just feel like swollen.. me and my friends just talked and laughed our hearts out.. *sniff*.. hehe..

and best of all i had my first experience of flying a kite.. a big one! haha! this kite also flew for the first time.. it was pretty tough, but really fun...

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aura: tired
audio: bon jovi - thank you for loving me

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random shot....

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aura: tired
audio: bon jovi - misunderstood

i want this one, badly!!!!

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audio: gin blossoms - hey jealousy

a very good friend of mine talked to me about his problem recently and his situation has kept me wondering and thinking for a good solution but i just couldn't come up with any...

how will you prove to someone that you never did something he thought you did, if the only way to prove to him, that you never did what that person thought you did, would lead you to do that thing you never did?

get it? me niether!

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