update :: november 16, 2008

whew! it's been quite a while since the last time i posted on my blog. half of november is over, and this is just my first post for the month!

been through office hell these past few days. been busy with stuff. i just needed a break. good thing we will have our boracay trip this november 29- dec 2. that's 4 days 3 freaking nights trip to a paradise. it's my first time so, im pretty excited about it. though the sad part is, i won't be able to go to a friend's debut.

ok i'll try to make this post as meaningful as possible. i just had my birthday and Christmas is fast approaching, year 2008 will be over soon. so far so good. well not really.. last year, i told myself that i'll get serious with photography, do as many real photoshoots as possible this year. i had some pretty good shoots though, but it's way too few from what i was hoping for. sigh. talk about getting serious.. well, i'm still in my current job. the pay is good, that's why i can't leave just yet. i was assigned to a project that's been running for over a year now, and we are just going to deploy it hopefully this week. there were attempts on project production these past few months but there were a lot of issues. so hopefully next week, we didn't overlooked some important issues and get the project deployed.. it's kinda frustrating, if you know what i mean.

but, there are some other stuff that's been happening, so i've decided to stay for a while. but it kept me thinking though. how can i concentrate on doing something i want to try or do if i stay on my current job. i coudn't take the risk yet. but i am targetting late next year. so hopefully everything goes well.. i do hope it's not too late yet though, there are a lot who are into photography right now. it's kinda dissapointing, maybe my timing is wrong, the industry is getting over saturated. so i guess i have to think of a twist.. dem, i am not good at that..

so. 2008 it's been a pretty good year for me though. but there are still things i want to do and i wished for before this year ends.

0. finish our project and move on with the next one or at least, hope the users get to use our system SOON!
1. go to boracay. soon! yey!
2. have a year ender shoot with Jj.. i miss Jj..
3. shoot 3 of my new toys.
4. meet up with my high school friends, college friends, ex-officemates, other friends.
5. go out with my family to some place we haven't gone to during the holidays.

hmm so what's in the store for me next year? some things i have and want to do:
1. well my dad asked me to get married already hahah! but i think he's serious. hehe..
2. more shoots! fashion and glam, serious shoots for my portfolio.
3. conceptualize or get to start my own business. (hmm Toj, showbusiness??)
4. watch Bon Jovi and Eraser Heads concerts. meet more celebrities.

5. earn more money on my blog and other sidelines. haha! money makes my world go around!\
6. travel to singapore, malaysia, thailand.

well don't want to waste your time reading.. that's it for now. m gonna watch Rihanna and Chris Brown concert tonight. yey!

take care all.

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