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joined the travel factor photoholics 08 take 2 tour last february 23-25. it was a blast!

photo below was taken at the old calle crisologo vigan, ilocos sur. the best example of spanish colonial town you can find in the Philippines.

notice how well they preserved this city? pretty cool and amazing!

kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan photography, kenneth yu chan photography, vigan, ilocos sur, crisologo, calle crisologo

now i wonder whether to convert all my photos to black and white or not.. will try to post pictures the soonest possible i can..

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aura: excited
audio: leona lewis - bleeding love
kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, azia, baby picture

my first paid shoot! yay!
such an adorable baby girl.. started clicking the moment i got into their van.. hehe..

Alixandra Zian Alegonza Christening

February 02, 2008
Barasoain Church, Bulacan

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aura: my lower back pain strikes again
audio: simple plan - save you

just tried to look for emma frost figures in google images search.. and i found this.

this site contains amazing, some were rather freakin' funny but, cool cosplayers!

check them out and see for yourself.. i laughed my heart out viewing these pictures.. wish i could attend in one of such events.. and meet a lot of pretty cool people..

hahah! i sounded sooo geek.. hahahaha!

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I NEED to be enLIGHTened

aura: full and sleepy
audio: fall out boy - thriller

just feel like i really need to experiment more on lighting, after all, photography is all about lighting..

i should start considering to master lighting.. anyway. here is the latest shoot i had with Mica... we just had an semi impromptu shoot since we didn't really plan it. we just went with the flow, looked for the most convenient available location, let her bring several attires, and off we go with the shoot.. no concept.. no plans.. hehe..

she needed set card asap so we just decided to have a casual shoot.. and i made this set cards for her.. not really that creative and all..

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, freelance photographer

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, freelance photographer

some shots were taken with flash, some didn't use flash. i need to master flash photography really really soon!!!!

all photos were taken by kenneth yu chan (c) 2008.

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please vote for Julianne!!!!

aura: fine
audio: julianne - grateful

Julianne is nominated as by myx music awards' (click link to view full list of this year's nominees) FAVORITE NEW FEMALE ARTIST for 2008!!!

please vote for her by texting MMA(space)56 and send it to 2366.

voting starts today till march 25, 2008.

please don't know why, haven't listened to all of her songs, but i really do like her!

also please help spread the words...

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pldt my dsl

aura: rant mode
audio: sean kingston - take you there

pldt my dsl user for about 2 years now

plan: plan 1995
connection speed: avarage 490 kbps, 1.2 mbps for about several months probably 6 or more
download speed: 50-60 Kb/s, 120+ Kb/s
for about several months probably 6 or more

pdlt my dsl speed packages (current/latest)
plan 1995 - up to 2 mbps

i've been a 1995 subscriber (legacy &@#*&#*) since then. the original package then was 512 kbps for this package. we do understand that. now pldt made several upgrades. they were promoting that hey! apply now for 1995 and get up to 1.2 mbps connection speed. now after that upgrade happend, we still get the original speed which is 512 kbps. after some time.. luckily our modem got busted, and we lost dsl connection. reported to pldt, and after some time, a technician came to visit our home. they got our modem replaced and i told the technician that can we adjust our speed to 1.2 mbps. so the technician just called someone and out connection is ok, plus our speed became 1.2 mbps. so our connection were fine for about 6 months or more...

ok now, pldt just encountered a problem last mid january 2008 and connection problems were encountered worldwide. i just found out that my connection speed went back to 490+ kbps speed (download speed of about 50-60 Kb/s). so i've been calling them for the past few weeks (about 2 weeks)! ok, you call them, the agents will file the complaint, report or whatever. the following day, a technician will contact you at home (already advised them that i'm not home coz i have day job, please call my mobile phone instead), still they call you in your home! this would go on for several days until you'll be able to talk to an agent who's kind enough to put an effective report and then set schedule for a technician to go over your home for actual testing..

today, after 2 weeks, someone from pldt came. i wasn't there again.. i called home before the technician left. the technician insisted that 490+ kbps is the max speed for our plan!!!! &#$*#$(@(*!!!! now you tell me if it's fair, you've been paying for this rate and you get way way lesser service???? and the technician told me that if i want to upgrade my connection speed, i still have to file for a request! i mean, why the hell pldt promote something that is not effective to all and effective as soon as they promote their services?????!!! if you're a new subscriber to that plan, you get the faster and correct connection speed???? i mean, i just want to ask pldt if their employees specifically the technicians know their current packages and services?? now if you're going to check their packages, plan 1995 should get up to 2.0 mbps connection speed...

men, i'd say pldt services are way too lousy... and i won't be surprise if a lot of people would agree.. i'm definite a lot of us would agree..

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sold out!!!

aura: now seriously looking for good hearted individuals who care enough to share their wealth and make this little boy's (me) dream come true... kinda desperate
audio: none

don't know if it's true but we were just told that only vip and patron seats are the ones left for this march 05's maroon 5 concert. all other tickets, SOLD OUT! waaaaaaaaaaah!!! help!!!!


sad that we were late... and our budget is only for the lower box tickets.. haaaay.. life.. i just wish that i have the wealth..

hope the all the sponsors, major and minor, would hear our wish, hope that they would be very kind enough to give us free tickets (vip/ patron) or at least sell us extra tickets for upper a upper b even the general admission!!! waaaah!!!!

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wish list

aura: currently looking for good hearted individuals who care enough to share their wealth and make this little boy's (me) dream come true
audio: eraserheads - para sa masa

happen to pass by toys r us this afternoon and i saw 2 action figures that i almost bought! arrrgh!!!! i need to make more money! haaay.. i'm like a kid who saw some toys and can't get them out of my mind. officially day dreaming of having these awesome toys! waaah!

currently looking for good hearted individuals who care enough to share their wealth and make this little boy's (me) dream come true! hahahah!

these are the action figures.. got their pictures from toywiz website..

toys, action figures, soul reaver, razieltoys, action figures, soul reaver, raziel

*photos were taken from and respectively.

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