HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Editions Now Available

according to The Google edition HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available on Google Play Store starting today in the US.. prices are $649 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and $599 for the HTC One..

these 2 devices run pure or stock Google android, similar to Google's Nexus 4 device.. if you feel limited with Nexus 4, in terms of expandable memory, better display, better sounds, changeable batteries and others, these 2 devices are for you.. of course, they both come with higher prices compared to the google nexus 4.. i believe that Google is also planning to add Sony Experia Z google edition to their google edition lineup.. and i'm still waiting for the google moto x phones.. 

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Gabe and Shannon 2013

i was able to shoot my nephew and niece last sunday, june 23, 2013.. i have been thinking of doing this project for quite some time now.. doing solo or individual portraits of my family in black and white.. at last, i was able to start with my nephew, Gabe and niece, Shannon..

here are some shots i've posted on my flickr:

Gabe and Shannon 2013

here are some headshots of each kid.. :)

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Gatchaman (2013) live action trailer!

offical gatchaman live action trailer. to be shown in japan 24th of august, 2013.
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Hello world! once again..

hello there, my blog..

it's been a while...
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