final hours of 2005

aura: excited
audio: bethany joy lenz and tyler hilton - when the stars go blue

sorry it took me quite a while to post at my blog again... it seems that i am not really the type of person who could easily express the things going in my mind. it's not that my life is boring.. believe me.. like most people do, i also go through what we so called "life".. but i just chose not to post them here sometime.. anyway, just want to post some things that could help me remember on things i ought to do or, keep in my mind next year..

ok here it goes:
- post on my blog more often so that i could exercise my expression skills. ;)
- i was hoping that i could go out with my parents/ family more often. (take them to makati, libis, etc. places that they haven't been to.)
- save money. make sure to monitor my budget.
- start to plan/ or think what i really want to do with my life. hehe!
- to watch WWE Raw Live here in manila! i already got the tickets.. it's going to be on february 24, 2006 @ araneta coliseum. God! i can't wait for this day to come.. hehe! it's actually in my list of things i want to do before i die...
- clean my room/ stuff more often..
- help or contribute to my dad's business..
- read at least one book per month.. so that should be 12 or more books next year! i think i only finished 3 or 4 books this year.. tsk tsk.. too bad...
- .....

see?! i just couldn't put into words every single thing i want to say or write.. anyway.. maybe that's just it.. or more, i'll just keep you guys posted.. hehehe!

to my family, i thank you for your forever support to me and my sister and brother. love you so much..

to all my friends, you know who you are.. thanks a bunch for giving colors and meaning to my life.. (Ă–ist.. if you're reading this, just want to let you know that i'm really really greatful and thankful that we've met.. thank you for becoming part of my life.. (told you i'm not really good with words..) anyway, i will always be here for you no matter what..)

to everyone, i wish you happy new year! (and belated merry xmas! :D) hope you had a good one and a better year to come! take care y'all!
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lie, cheat, steal

aura: neutral
audio: mariah carey - shake it off

haven't been updating my blog lately.. didn't feel like posting my thoughts lately.. and i'm not really sure why.

anyway.. just want to drop by and pay respect to one of my favorite wrestlers. we miss you and thanks. (i watched raw's/ wwe's tribute to eddie last night and i can't believe i felt like crying!)

rest in peace latino heat.

"ese..."; "mama sita.."; "viva larrasa..."; "i lie, i cheat, i steal...".

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