aura: sad
audio: james blunt you're beautiful

my father once told me that in the real world, there are no mirrors.. one cannot see his own reflection.. nor one can realize who they really are in the real world..

people, most of the time can have the slightest idea about the impact of their actions to other people.. i'm not sure if they expression "tell me who your friends are, and i will tell you who you are" has the same message or somehow tells the same idea.. but for me it does.. it's really hard to tell how your actions might affect other poeple.. besides, we are here in this world just to live, enjoy and experience what God gave us... learn from our mistakes and grow.. but sometimes we forget that we are not alone in this world.. we share it with others.. and with them, we get to know ourselves..

some poeple would say "i was made this way, i don't really care what others would say about me...." i'm afraid for me.. this statement is only applicable if you don't hurt/ affect others.. they say that your actions shape or identify you.. and sometimes, we cannot realize whether our actions are right or wrong easily.. one only do things what he thought or should do, and sometimes has the slightest idea if it's appropiate or not.. only other poeple can tell and judge whether your deeds are right or wrong..

no mirrors, no reflections in the real world.. there are some cases when we don't know ourselves anymore.. i, most of the times do things i want others to do to me.. but hey, nobody's perfect.. i sometimes do things i hate or don't want others to do to me.. like my father said, one cannot see or know oneself in the real world.. and it's true.. some people don't realize they are exactly who they hate.. they do exactly what they don't want others to do to them.. one of the irony of life i guess.. you may know what you want or hate, but what you don't realize is that you do exactly what you hated others would do to you..

and for that, i ask forgiveness for those who i've wronged and offended by my actions.. i would appreciate it if you tell me when i did something wrong.. and i especially thank those who are serves as my mirrors and allows me to see my own reflection..

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aura: still hot
audio: none

vanilla ice cream with strawberry, banana and, and chocolate syrup!
yum!!! :9

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aura: hot
audio: none

ang init!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pinapawisan pa din ako kahit habang naliligo...

di na tumitigas yung ice cream sa freezer.... at hindi na siya malamig bago mo pa siya kainin..

sumasakit nalang ang ulo ko tuwing gumigising dahil sa init..

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good friday

aura: tired
audio: fall out boy - sugar, we're goin

for the past few years, i have been spending my holy week just staying in our home.. this year, i've decided to experience something new.. so i joined my mom and my dad to the procession of the black nazarene at quiapo.. they have been doing it twice a year.. every feast of the black nazarene and every good friday.. they were the only times the black nazarene of quiapo church is being brought out and being drawn around the area.. and believe me, from what i see in tv every year, i really hesitated to join my parents today. but my mom assured me that the crowd would be way too few compared to the crowd present during the feast.. she told me that during the feast, people from provinces would really come here to witness the statue of nazarene and be part of the feast.. this year's was a bit tragic coz a number of people were injured and some have died..

we got up early at around 3 am coz we still have to do some preparations.. they said that the nazarene would be brought out at 6 am.. we reached the destination at around 530 am knowing that the procession has already started.. we found out that the nazarene was brought out at 5 am.. the crowd was a whole lot calmer compared to what i witness in tv every year during the feast of the black nazarene.. but still for me the crowd is already huge.. groups of followers came to join the procession.. bringing thier own poon that also varied in saizes and way of carrying them.. some would carry it by groups, all on their shoulders.. it is evident how heavy some were carrying that one or two of them would have to guide in front.. push the group in order to stop when needed to stop.. and by the way.. majority of the crowd are bare footed.. but not us.. hehe..

anyway, so we walked towards the procession's directions in order to catch up and join the crowd.. i have to admit i was a bit dissapointed at first when we found out we were late.. it was my first time and i really would love to sea the black nazarene up close.. luckily one of us somehow know the path the procession would take so she led us the way.. and then there it was.. the black nazarene.. i couldn't describe the feeling i had when it passed by.. we weren't able to go any nearer.. but you could feel it's presence.. the way the crowd responded to it.. i had to admit it kinda gave me the creep.. i could feel my heart pounding.. the scene was pretty intense you could hear poeple shouting and i see the crowd throwing towels to the people with the black nazarene for them to wipe it then thrown back to the crowd, and i could imagine people trying to reach the black nazarene.. witnessing and experiencing this event made me feel kinda heavy yet refreshed.. happy yet lonely.. i just couldn't describe how i really felt at that moment.. but i believe i was relieved and felt proud of myself when i saw it..

so we were able to follow and continued with the procession.. the sun is up and started to become hot.. but we just continued.. we didn't follow the procession till the black nazarene was brought back to the church though.. we just stopped to one location and fled away.. hehe.. my mom said that we already reached the farthest point of the procession.. and the black nazarene shall be brought back to the church already.. but a lot of the crowd still went on..

and i guess i found it very interesting when i heard my mom telling someone that the black nazarene must be brought back to the church before 12 noon.. i really don't know why.. i didn't even bothered to ask.. also.. according to my dad.. the shorter the path which the black nazarene passes, the worse the sign becomes.. don't really know if this "omen" includes the entire world or only here in the philippines.. hehe.. and of course i took some photos.. hehe..

you could check them in my yahoo photo album. try to check the NEW!!! album..

hope everyone had a peace, relaxing and meaningful holy weekend... keep the faith.. and God bless everyone..

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toys for the big boys

aura: my head hurts
audio: nickelback - savin' me

The 2 Manila International Auto Show
April 06-09, 2006
World Trade Center
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looking back

aura: hot
audio: my chemical romance - the ghost of you

bohol is one of the spots here in the philippines populary known for its sites and beaches.. i'm proud that i could say i've been there.. stayed in a beautiful, in fact the most beautiful beach i've been to in my entire life.. whit it's super fine white sand and crystal clear water... it's a paradise in deed.. too bad those were the only things i've remembered..

i've been there when i was 12-14 years old.. that was a long time ago.. bohol wasn't even a popular place for it's beaches that time.. too bad when i think about it right now.. i can't remember me enjoying or appreciating that place at that moment.. haaay.. soooobrang sayang.. i guess i was too young to know or even realize where i was that moment.. and now.. i just wish i could turn back time and experience how great the feeling of being there again..

maybe that's one of the drawbacks of growing old huh.. there will come to a point where in you'd realize the things you've missed when you were younger.. and there's nothing you can do to turn it back.. or maybe there are ways.. but things would not be quite the same.. i mean i just have to work and earn for money in order for me to go back to bohol.. but i doubt the place would be exactly the same way when i was there 10 years ago..

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simple mind exercise

aura: sleepy
audio: the all american rejects - it ends tonight

i've decided to set my mobile phone's (which also serves as my primary watch) time setting to military time format in order to excercise my mind once in a while with simple math.. subtracting the time during the afternoon by 12 gives you the exact time in PM. eversince graduating i've used this time format believing that i could make use of my brain when i want to know the time..

what i just realized is that it could make huge effect, which i already did last friday, when i do my math wrongly.. the slightest mistake of 1 digit difference would mean an hour difference in time..

so 2245 = 1045 pm right? last friday i miscalculated and thought that it was only 945 pm.. tsk tsk..

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