ongpin food trip

my colleagues and i went to ongpin binondo last saturday and had part 1 of our planned food trip in our very own chinatown. met at around 9 am, i was late, but is pretty hungry and prepared for the days food trippin'!

before the day arrived, we already had quite a long list, i think we planned to dine in 8 or more establishments/ food shops. but at the end of the day we only had the chance to eat at 4 establishments. the trip was crazy, going to one restaurant to another and, just order food and EAT!!!! hahaha! we finished at around 130 pm. we just decided to visit some other establishments on our list some other day. so there will be part 2 of it! hahah!

ok so to start and ready our tummy for the trip, we dined at ying ying restaurant for some dimsum. i have to admit it's been a while since the last time i entered a restaurant and smelled the aroma or dimsum.. my tummy went crazy just smelling the scent of dimsum. so our day started with these tasteful dimsum!

yummy hakaw.

radish cake
delicious radish cake.

ongpin, chinese food, dimsum
beef dumpling in curry sauce.

cup of tea
cup of tea.

then after ying ying, we decided to go for a walk, off to our next stop. the good old quicksnack! we had their famous fresh and fried lumpia. (sorry no picture -_-' i know..)

after that, had a little almond cake.. missed that one too! then we went to su zhou dimsum house.. loved the steamed wanton in soysauce (no picture again sorry.. )!!!! then the mouth watering xiao long pao!

xiao long pao
oozing mouth watering xiao long pao.

after that, we decided to have our lunch finally! the much awaited oyster cake! hahah! so off we went to xaio chun yuan in gandara. we ordred black chicken soup, kiampong and the main course for the day, the oyster cake!

black chicken soup
black chicken soup, helps you grow taller. haha!

kiam pong
kiam pong.

oyster cake
the much awaited main course of the day! the oyster cake!

ongpin, chinese food

ongpin food trip, chinese food
the cast! hahah! me taking the photo.

ongpin food trip, chinese food
another pic of the cast with Billy taking the photo. :p

til next food trip! :D

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koreanovela shoot

first korean hairstyle, now korean themed shoot!

my model friend thought of taking photos of her and her "love life" koreanovela style photoshoot.. haha! this was just a casual photoshoot of two lovers. woke up quite early in the morning for that shoot too.. our shoot was scheduled 700 am. good thing the venue is quite near from my home.

i'm kinda hoping to shoot this one in a way that i can tell a story. i wanted my set to be able to tell a story. since we are going to have a koreanovela kind of shoot, i kinda thought of having a series of shots where it would show how the couple met, how they fell in love with each other, what went wrong, how they worked and fought for their relationship, and of course, the happy ending..

but the shoot went kinda spontaneous, fun and all.. so here is the set.. :D

venue :: talayan village
date :: april 12, 2008

Erika and Jus

sweet lovers shoot.

post processed these photos. tried the dreamy effect on this one.

more of the set on my multiply site.

all photos are taken and owned by kenneth yu chan (c) 2008.

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nba playoffs 2008

nba 2008 playoffs already started and i didn't even feel it! unlike before, i totally didn't have any idea what went on in the nba this season.

i missed the all star games, didn't had the chance to watch a single game this season! hahah! poor me.. i even missed the news that Grant Hill was traded to suns! haha!

anyway. now that the playoffs have started, i think some already had their 2nd game, i'll be visiting their website from time to time. i sure do hope to watch even just a single game live on tv, or replays would do actually.. hmm.. i haven't chosen my team for this playoff yet. hehe.. it seems that spurs is still tough and on the roll.. hmm i am hoping that the rockets could enter the finals.. or the celtics! haha!

anyway, keep yourself updated, visit :D

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demonoid is back online! went off line last november 2007 because of some legal threats.

it went online again last april 11, 2008. you can search some of the hard to find files here. however, new administration is running the site right now. demonoid posted an announcement that the former owner/ administrator, known as Deomos, already left the team, and the site is being maintained by the same old hardworking staff.

kudos and thanks to the team now that it's back online, it's time to search, download and seed! :D

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korean hairstyle concluded

so i went to tony and jackey salon last thursday and had my hair done. i entered their new salon, they relocated by the way. but still in the same area in malate..

in my previous post, korean hairstyle, i posted some photos of hairstyles to choose from. i printed them in order for me to show the stylist how i like my hair to be styled.

and this was my choice haha!

jubal dayu, korean hairstyles
picture taken from

so i showed the hairstyle photo to Han, who happened to be the stylist in charge of me, then he said ok! he even asked me where did i print those photos.

the whole process took about just 20 minutes.. shampooed twice, before and after the haircut. and done! i am now officially koreanized hahah! so this is the conclusion then..

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, korean hairstyle

haha! don't mind my face.. just look at my hair.. ok?! haha! :p

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korean hairstyles

i've been thinking of having my hair done by korean hair stylist. haha! i've been wanting to try it out since my stylist got relocated and, i want to try something new for my hair. it's been, what, 3 months since i the last time i had my hair cut. it's getting quite long now, but i don't think it's long enough to get really styled asian (korean) style yet! i've posted some pictures (8 choices) of the hair do that i think i like. hahah! make sure to check them out. read my full post..

so here they are.. my 8 hair style choices. definitely my hair is not yet long enough for most of the styles i picked. but i was wondering maybe the stylist can make my hair, somehow, grow with style. cos right now. every day is a bad hair day. hahah!

good thing there is a branch of tony and jackey salon near our office here in malate manila. my colleagues also insisted on having my hair done the soonest, so that they could see the results and maybe next time, they too, will have their hair styled, asian (korean) style! haha! in other words, i am their guinea pig. hahah!

hmm what do you think i should choose? i'll consult the stylist later. so it's going to happen tonight! april 10, 2008. wish me luck.. i'll post my decision and result soon.

korean hairstyle, dubal jayukorean hairstyle, dubal jayu

korean hairstyle, dubal jayukorean hairstyle, dubal jayu

korean hairstyle, dubal jayukorean hairstyle, dubal jayu

korean hairstyle, dubal jayukorean hairstyle, dubal jayu

pictures were taken from see more korean hairstyles online by visiting jubal dayu hair portal website.

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manila international auto show

i was able to attend this year's manila international auto show held at the world trade center last april 07, 2008 (last day). i was also able to meet with my best friend Eva. hehe.. it was really nice to see her and her fiancee after quite some time now.

miat, manila international auto show, car show
saw this parked outside world trade center

the event was also jam packed. i don't really know much about cars. i only know quite a few of the car models. i just love to shoot. but there are a lot of awesome, expensive cars in the said event.

miat, manila international auto show, car show
this is my dream car!

miat, manila international auto show, car show
my best friend Eva.

miat, manila international auto show, car show
pretty event models

miat, manila international auto show, car show
haaay.. *UPDATED! her name is Audrey! :D

miat, manila international auto show, car show
yokohama girl

miat, manila international auto show, car show

miat, manila international auto show, car show

miat, manila international auto show, car show
the bridgestone ladies

miat, manila international auto show, car show
bridgestone ladies

miat, manila international auto show, car show
lucky guy

miat, manila international auto show, car show
Paloma. she's my favorite..

miat, manila international auto show, car show
classy jeep

miat, manila international auto show, car show

miat, manila international auto show, car show

miat, manila international auto show, car show
this is Sinag the first philippine solar-powered car, made by de la salle university graduate students.

more pictures at my multiply site.

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ozine fest '08:: day 1

had a chance to attend another cosplay event last april 05, 2008 after quite some time now. it was nice to see old and new faces. the event ozine fest '08 was held at sm megamall (God i missed this place!). it's a 2 day event but i was only there on the first day.

ozine festival, ozine festival 2008, cosplay event
pic taken from

the event was jam packed, as cosplayer participants, cos trippers, and other visitors invades the event. here are some of the photos i took during the event. (pardon me, i am not really familiar with most of the characters. hehe.. if you guys can help me out, i would really appreciate it)

ozine festival, ozine festival 2008, cosplay event
some pretty cool banners.

hard gay
ever cool hard gay.

oh, she's my friend. Nikki. hehe..

long live cell!

yuna and wonder woman.

she's my friend, Dycee, and i forgot her character!

my friend Celestine, i also don't know her character.

my friend Maiya and Nadya. hehe.

american idol adutioner renaldo lapuz.

final fantasy x's yuna.

school girl cosplayer.

lineage 2 (event) girls.

Sam of lineage 2 (event) girls.

more pictures can be seen on my multiply site.. visit

all photos were taken and owned by kenneth yu chan. (c) 2008.

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