paradise - priceless

aura: wasted
audio: barbie almalbis - give yourself away



priceless feeling number one: being able to see and feel the happiness from the poeple you really care about... even just for moment..

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short of shorts

aura: wasted
audio: haley james scott - halo

just came home from our badminton game.. had a few sets with the people or, should i say with some of the bosses from my work..

i was thinking not to play tonight coz for one, the schedule was from 8 pm - 9 pm which was quite late.. secondly, i wasn't feeling healthy today.. my cough's killing me every now and then, i want to get plenty of rest and sleep.. tsk.. but then, i brought my stuff with me, just in case i changed my mind and decided to play.. which eventually i did.. hehe.. anyway.. at around 730 we started to change into our playing attire.. changed my shirt.. then i took off my pants.. after that, something struck my mind.. damn i thought i forgot my shorts.. i started to search my bag and yep, i was right.. haha! how stupid of me.. guess i was still half asleep when i was preparing my stuff this morning haha!

anyway, it was too late to back out.. so i still played.. hahahah! i don't want to describe the feeling, how it felt and, i don't want to experience it ever again.. hahaha! really stupid! anyway, i just looked at the brighter side.. at least it made me laugh for a while..

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aura: sleepy
audio: join the club - nobela

Dean: It must be rough, to believe in something so much and have it disappoint you like that.
Layla: You wanna hear something weird? I'm okay, really. I guess if you're going to have faith you can't just have it when the miracles happen, you have to have it when they don't.
Dean: So what now?
Layla: God works in mysterious ways. Goodbye Dean.
Dean: Hey, um, you know, I'm not much of the praying type. But I'm gonna pray for you.
Layla: Well, there's a miracle right there.

~taken from
supernatural - episode 12 - "faith"

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aura: sick
audio: lifehouse - sick cycle carousel

tropical storm just hit our country last thursday night.. it was the main reason why our puerto gallera trip was cancelled.. it's kinda weird, coz i have no idea that there was a storm coming. it suddenly rained last thursday night.. and caloy was suddenly here.. i didn't even hear anything about it from the weather forcast or news.. hehe! i'm not really sure what's going on in our world right now.. weird things just kept on happening.. storm in the middle of summer.. or maybe rainy season started early this year.. ah, la niƱa...

anyway, moving on.. ok, so the storm suddenly came, and last night i've decided to go for a swim.. hehe. crazy huh.. and to my surprise, the storm was a real one.. i mean, the wind was strong last night, all i could say was that "bagyo nga talaga to.. tsk!".. but it didn't stop us to take a few laps.. haha! really crazy..

o well.. i guess the storm just left our country today.. left a few families in griefs again.. i just hope that people should take nature more seriously.. you know, take care of mother nature.. coz it's really hard to survive when nature decided to take over.. ok i know i'm not making any sense anymore.. i just hope our cebu trip next next week turns out ok.. no delays, nice weather etc...

be safe everyone!

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cheezy volcano

aura: neutral
audio: none

just tried pizza hut's new cheezy volcano crust.. it tasted like heaven.. awsome!!!
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aura: sad
audio: none

it's been a while since the last time i went to have my id photo taken.. i had it last night and just claimed it this afternoon.. and to my surprise, i was a bit shocked and i think i was frozen for a time after seeing my own picture.. not that i looked bad nor i looked good.. it just felt.. weird.. felt like i didn't know myself for a while and then suddenly i just realized, i'm growing old..
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