funny tummy

aura: sick :(
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yesterday i had the worst experience of stomach pain.. can't really explain what caused it.. and i don't have any idea what was it.. i think it's sort of a hyper acidity or ulcer attack? i'm not really sure.. but the pain is severe and i know i really looked stupid/ funny or parang timang everytime i experience the pain.. namimilipit ako sa sakit twing sumasakit siya.. i didn't expect it would be very painful.. my tummy just felt funny the whole morning.. in the afternoon.. i started to feel the pain.. pain i thought i could ignore at first.. then it didn't stop.. it just kept gettin worse.. so i've decided to leave work early.. when i'm about to leave our building and took the elevator.. i suddenly felt dizzy.. good thing the elevator stopped at 7th floor.. i was hoping some of my officemates were still there having their break.. luckily they were.. i found them and told them i felt dizzy.. i think i almost passed out.. anyway.. they saw me, gave me medicine.. and were kind enough to offer me a ride home.. i really am very thankful.. hated my body coz it failed me again.. it's true what people say.. as you grow older, your body's gonna give you signs of you gettin old and it's gonna need a lot of repairs.. life..

anyway.. i'm sick today, didn't go to work.. i only ate bread last night.. yesterday.. i've got no appetite at all i did't eat.. well a few bites of hotdog.. this morning i had few slices of bread again.. but i was able to eat rice for lunch.. that's it.. i also have fever right now.. and nanghihina pa ako..

haaay.. i want to go to work tomorrow.. sana kaya na ng katawan ko.. :D

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aura: sleepy
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