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just want to have a recap about the stuff that i told myself last year. about the things that i should keep in mind this year. well.. here are the following:

- post on my blog more often so that i could exercise my expression skills. ;)

- i was hoping that i could go out with my parents/ family more often. (take them to makati, libis, etc. places that they haven't been to.)
- save money. make sure to monitor my budget.
- start to plan/ or think what i really want to do with my life. hehe!
- to watch WWE Raw Live here in manila! i already got the tickets.. it's going to be on february 24, 2006 @ araneta coliseum. God! i can't wait for this day to come.. hehe! it's actually in my list of things i want to do before i die...
- clean my room/ stuff more often..
- help or contribute to my dad's business..
- read at least one book per month.. so that should be 12 or more books next year! i think i only finished 3 or 4 books this year.. tsk tsk.. too bad...

well it's clear that i'm not doing the first one.. after all this time, i only posted one entry since january 2006.

with regard to the second supposed resolution, it is not happening.. we all have a tight budget.. we're having huge problems with my dad's business. but we are still able to go out and spend time with each other especially when my dad's here in manila.. we are still able to go out and have lunch, or dinner sometime.. but not in those areas that i've stated above..

i just started to save and monitor my budget once in a while so i guess that's one thing i'm accomplishing.

as for the fourth one.. sad to say that i still have no plans.. still have no directions.. but don't get me wrong.. it's not that i'm not thinking or planning anything.. it's just that.. as of now, i'm still kinda going with the flow..

i'm proud to say that i've accomplished the fifth one.. we had a blast and really did enjoy the WWE Raw Live Tour show.. the experience was totally awsome.. and until now i couldn't find the words to express how great this experience really was..

anyway.. as for the last 3 things/ stuff that i told myself to keep in mind this year.. haaay.. nope.. i'm afraid they are not being fulfulled.. tsk tsk..

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