lazy afternoon

aura: hungry
audio: dashboard confessional - think as thieves

this shot was taken last december 15, 2007 at my friend Roget's place. hehe.. thank you again Roget for letting us crash to your pad (home/studio) and have this shoot..

ann, midnightcinderella, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, photographer

model ::

Photographers ::
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merry Christmas

aura: merry
audio: josh groban feat faith hill - the first noel

Merry Christmas!!!

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aura: tired
audio: none

Christmas is just around the corner.. told myself that i won't be organizing shoots this month since everybody's going to be busy as hell.. but fortunately, i still got the chance to join several shoots this month. thank you to the models, photographers for the invites..

this photo was taken last december 09, 2007.

models ::


venue ::
Roget's pad

thank you! til next shoot!

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photographer, photography
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hero con '07

aura: bored
audio: maroon 5 - won't go home without you

i was so lucky to see Tricia and Alodia in a convention last december 3, 2007, at smx activity center, sm mall of asia.

took some shots of them, though i didn't have any pics with them. BOOO!!!but i'm definitely happy to be able to see them in person.. :D

here is a shot i took of Alodia, Tricia (she's so pretty.. *sigh) and, Ashley.

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, photography, Alodia, Tricia, Slumberdoll

and i kinda edited this pic of Tricia, she's really pretty, very very talented..
*sighs forever.. *

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, photography, Alodia, Tricia, Slumberdoll
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aura: full
audio: colbie caillat - realize

office's official time in ::
08:30:00 am
09:30:00 am to 09:59:59 am >> tardy
10:00:00 am onwards >> half day/ absent

this week's time card log in time ::
mon :: 09:44 am
tue :: 09:37 am <<>
wed :: 09:42 am
thur :: 09:51 am
fri :: 09:46 am

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aura: hungry

audio: vertical horizon - i'm still here

first time in macau. didn't get enough of the place, 1 day wasn't enough.. enjoyed it very much though.

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, macau kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, macau kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, macau kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, macau


more pictures on my multiply.

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hk reloaded

aura: hungry
audio: the red jumpsuit apparatus - your guardian angel

had a chance to go to the great country of Hong Kong again last november 5 to 23, 2007.

this time i just took a little pictures.. very few compared to my first trip. though i like the weather this time compared to my first trip there.. it was cold.. around 20 degrees when we got there and as weeks goes by, lowest temperature i've experienced was 17 degrees! i just love it! haha!

then i was also lucky enough to get the chance to go to macau for a day. too bad no casino experience but i enjoyed the trip.. lucky us we were there during the f3 grand prix event, so all of the bus rides are free! all around macau island.. :D

just want to share few pictures i took.. some of my favorite shots taken during the trip. hehe..

for more pictures please visit my multiply site.

thank you and enjoy!

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, hong kong kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, hong kong kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, hong kong
kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, hong kong kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, hong kong
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aura :: pressured
audio :: the red jumpsuit apparatus - face down

it's been a while sine i last posted on my blog.. i've been busy recently. now i'm back, i'll try to catch up.

here is a pic i took before i leave manila for work. had a little simple birthday celebration for my dear sister.

hehe.. guess who helped blew the candle and ate the cake first???

kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, photography, sean gabriel lim, gabe
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panu gigil???

aura: tired

audio: apologize - timbaland featuring one republic

this is what my nephew does when you ask him "panu gigil?" hahahah! cute huh??

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nocturnal fashion shoot

aura: pepsi max effect
audio: nelly wadsyaname

we had the pleasure of shooting for our friend's store, Nocturnal Fashion store, last september 30, 2007. it was our first time to put my strobe/ slave flashes in good use.. hehe..

credits ::
photographers :: yours truly, darwin yap
models :: erika, kat, adelone
make- up artist :: candice nocom
apparells, bags and, accessories :: courtesy of nocturnal fashion

setup ::
strobe flash shot againts umbrella positioned on the front, right side of model.
slave flash (430 ex) equipped with photocell receiver (flash trigger) positioned behind, left side of the model.

we just assumed and tried the aperture setting to get our desired exposure. but lights were not measured properly. damn i need to get one of those light metering device.

then we did the shoot!

here are some resulting photos of our setup.

camera used ::
Canon EOS 400D

lens ::
Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8

nocturnal fashion, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan photography, photography

nocturnal fashion, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan photography, photography

nocturnal fashion, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan photography, photography

nocturnal fashion, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan photography, photography

for more photos.. visit my mulitply site at
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wppp photo congress 2007

aura: pepsi max effect
audio: alicia keys - no one

The Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines (W.P.P.P.)
Photo Congress 2007

October 22 - 25, 2007 SM Megamall Megatrade 3.

for complete details, please visit

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tickets to palau

aura: sleepy
audio: none

hi! my friend, gary is selling 2 palau tickets.. if ever you're interested, please contact me or him asap.. thank you!

full details and contact info below::

I'm selling my 2 Round Trip tickets to Palau, Micronesia via AsianSpirit Airlines for only P12,000* each. Original cost of each ticket is P18,000 or $380. I'm selling it because I currently can't go out of country.

It can be used up to November 3, 2007 (since it's a gift check).
Here's the schedule of their flight: (can be used on holidays)
Manila-Palau: every T, F, Su
departure time: 1:00PM Phil Time
arrival time: 6:30PM Phil Time

Palau-Manila: every M, W, Sa
departure time: 4:30AM Phil Time
arrival time: 9:00AM Phil Time
If you're interested or you know someone who is, kindly PM me ASAP at or 09228138330.

For info about Palau, kindly check
For info about AsianSpirit, kindly check http://www.asianspiri"

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canon lens for sale

aura: sleepy
audio: boys like girls - hero/heroin

canon, ef 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, canon ef lens, lens, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography

a friend of mine is selling his Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens.
packaged with::

  • box and manuals
  • original canon lens hood for this model (EW-78BII)
  • 2 filters (1 UV, 1 polaroid)
  • front and rear lens caps

all for 20,000 Pesos only.. in mint condition and, warranty expires on january 2008.

for those who are interested, please contact him through 0917-5262234. preferable meeting place, quiapo, san juan or, tomas morato area.

for more info visit my friend's website at

thank you!

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aura: stressed

audio: none

amalgam, fund raising, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan, kenneth chan photography, kenneth yu chan photography
image taken from keies.

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goodbye robert jordan

aura: dead tired
music: none

the late great author of "The Wheel of Time" series, Robert Jordan, died of a rare blood disease last september 16, 2007, according to the Associated Press. he was only 58..

mehn, i'm still in book 8 right now.. haaay.. may he rest in peace..

like what my friend stephen said, who's gonna finish the last book of his masterpiece??

"The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legends fade to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the third age by some, an Age yet to come, an age long pass, a wind rose in the Mountains of Mist. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings or endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning."
~The Wheel of Time. Robert Jordan 1948-2007.

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acropolis shoot

aura: full
audio: dance dance - fall out boy

below are some shots taken last september 9, 2007.

i just want to thank ryan, our host, for allowing us to shoot at his place. great place by the way, to bad you have to move.. thank you atsi letlet and ahya gerry for the support.

to our make up artists, ms wheng and ms. mel.

and of course to the models...

kat, kat ballada, model, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan, kenneth yu chan photography, photography

adelone, mary adelone eco, model, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan, kenneth yu chan photography, photography

erika, erika ongtauco, model, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan, kenneth yu chan photography, photography
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guilty of plunder

aura: gloomy
audio: none

yup.. erap was pleaded guilty of plunder, not guilty of perjury, earlier today.. i'm sure this will have a great impact in our society.. i just hope this would serve to open every Filipino individual's eyes and mind and serve as an ispiration for everybody to work as one in improving our country's status...

haaay.. for some weird reason, i feel gloomy sad today haha! maybe because of what's happening right now, a lot of happenings actually hehe.. but o well..

just heard anonymously.. "at least di siya nagmalinis.. ang dami jan na nagmamalinis and wala namang naitutulong kung di mangurakot lang..."

for more news updates visit this article.
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why is it so fre*k'n hot???

aura: drained
audio: none

just asking.. hahah! i mean, this past few days, it's so domn hot. it's september already and it feels like summer.

i think mother nature is kinda sending us a message already and we people just don't care.. it's an old warning already. our ozone layer thinning.. the sun rays just stings on your skins..

i wish the government will find a way to help and make moves to somehow try to save our planet.. i haven't travelled around the world yet.. hahahah! i wish.... hehehe!

anyway, just asking, it's september, and why is it still so damn freakin hot in the philippines????
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caught red handed

aura: starving
audio: seal - kiss from a rose [acoustic]

got t
he chance to take his pictures again, after quite a long time now. hehe! he's my nephew and he's soo cute! check out the moment i caught him eating the baby wet wipes' bag haha!

kenneth chan photography, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan, gabe, sean gabriel lim, gabe lim

i forgot to take photos of him doing "close - open".. maybe next.. hehe! hope you like my photo..

by the way, i used my slave (strobe) flash and bounce it off the walls and ceilings.. it worked great! it's my first time to use it after buying it a couple of months back.. :P

kenneth chan photography, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan,strobe, slave flash, strobe flash

some older photos of gabe are posted in my multiply..
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"it's not the camera, it's the eye"

aura: hungry
audio: none

i was lucky enough to be able to go the one of my multiply contact's photo exhibit. it's her first photo exhibit and i really do admire the message she's trying to point out. and according to her, "it's not the camera, it's the eye".

as they say, anybody can take pictures, but not everyone can create them.. a good branded, expensive camera only helps in giving photos a better quality and adds up to its impact. but what's more important is the message of the picture. how it creates a story deeper than what the image really displays.

all photos that were exhibited were taken using only point and shoot camera. also, most of the photos were not post processed. some were cropped and, others were desaturated (converting an image to black and white), some black and white photos were even taken using the monochrome settings of her camera..

cheers to ms dianne roces.. congratulations again to your first photo exhibit. more exhibits to come!

God bless you!
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book fair 2007

aura: sleepy (as always)
audio: none

received an email from my very good friend kezia. power books presents, 28th manila international book fair.

on august 29, 2007 to september 2, 2007
from 10am to 8pm
at world trade center financial center area sen. gil puyat cor. roxas blvd., pasay city.
admission is free!

power books, book fair, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan
here are the schedules of the said event ::


Talk: Philippine Speculative Fiction
Guest Speaker: Dean Alfar
Schedule: August 29- Wednesday
2:30 – 3:30pm
Function Room B

Talk: Children, Teens and Reading in the Time of IT
Guest Speaker: Zarah Grace Gagatiga
Schedule: August 30- Thursday
3:30 – 4:30pm
Function Room A


Part 1: Bookgrove Reading Centre: A Lifetime of Learning Through Books
Guest Speaker: Teacher Carmen Sanchez, reading coach
Part 2: Bookgrove's Play Attention Workshop
Guest Speaker: Juariza Aparis, co-founder
Schedule: August 31- Friday
3:30 – 4:30pm
Function Room A

Activity: Bookgrove's Storytelling and Activity Hour
Storyteller: Ma. Cristina M. Atayde
Schedule: September 1- Saturday
3:30 – 4:30pm
Activity Area

thanks for the info kezia!

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nikon answers back

aura: sleepy
audio: none

with canon's recent announcements of Mark III and D40, nikon answers back with it's latest models.

presenting the D3

and D300

from nikon.

check them out at nikon's official website.

full specifications and reviews are also available at dpreview.

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red moon/ blood moon

aura: hungry
audio: none

just read a blog from one of my online buddy's multiply, that the world will experience a lunar eclispe today. august 28, 2007, at around 530 pm (actual time here in the philippines). tho i doubt that we are going to witness it.. this so called lunar eclipse is also known as the "red moon" or "blood moon" eclipse. creepy huh? but still a phenomenal event. i wish i could witness one before the day i die hehe!

thanks maiya for sharing this information :D

let's watch it happen live on discovery channel asia at 530 pm. today!!!
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time to play the game

aura: sleepy
audio: better than me - hinder

he's back, and he's better! wohoo!!! the game is back.. the king of kings!!!
after nearly nine months of absense, triple h came back! he came back in wwe's summer slam where he had a match against king bookah (booker)..

check out wwe's official web site.. (WARNING!!! spoiler alert). :D

all pictures were taken from wwe's official website.
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uaap live!

aura: gloomy
audio: none (coz i'va got a very slow pc system. anyone who cares enough to buy me a new system???) :D

@ ninoy aquino stadium
august 25, 2007

first game
dlsu green archers vs up maroons
uaap, dlsu, up, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan

second game
admu blue eagles vs feu tamaraws
uaap, dlsu, up, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan

i had the chance to watch uaap game again after so long. here are the pics i've taken during the game. we were seated at the ring side (lower box) baseline side.. not a very good angle but it's ok hehe! thanks to my friends for inviting me to watch the game again, live!

great game.. still full of energy, full of school spirits. hehe!

dlsu won 89-61 over up (animo la salle!!!)

admu won 83-75 over feu.

used my tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. wish i had those photographers' lenses hahah! enjoy!

whole set of pictures can be viewed in my multiply site.

you could also check the uaap stats here.

thank you!

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biggest blogger party

aura: sleepy
audio: none

biggest blogger party, blogger party, taste asia sm mall of asia, sm mall of asia, sm hypermarket, mall of asia, moa

yup! i was there with my blogger officemates. my first time.. hehe! thank you to all the organizers and sponsors for making this possible. sm hypermarket, to ms aileen, to all the people behind the party and, to all the bloggers.

great food and drinks. great prizes too!

till the next party. :D

will post more pics in my multiply soon!

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aura: sleepy
audio: none

"kuya picture.." (mr., please take a picture of me..)

it just makes me happy. i love photography, i love taking pictures. but i have to admit, when this boy approached me and asked me to take his picture, i just have this mixed emotions of pain, sadness, and joy at the same time.

the feeling this boy gave me by smiling on my camera when i took a shot and, the smile i saw the moment i showed him his pictures, it's just priceless..

after showing his picture to him via my cam's lcd, i knew that somehow i made him happy.. then i heard him saying "thank you.. kuya."

well in fact i should be the one who's thanking him.. thank you..

photography, street photography, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, kenneth chan, photography, kenneth yu chan, street kid
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Canon EOS 40D

aura: sleepy
audio: none

photography, canon eos, 40d, canon eos 40d, eos
image taken from

canon eos 40d is officially out. though i can't afford one right now heheh! but hey, the specs are pretty impressive..

check out canon's site for more details.

you could also check out dpreview for detailed specifications.
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biggest blogger party

aura: sleepy
audio: none

i just remembered that i'll be attending this year's biggest blogger party this coming thursday, august 23, 2007 at taste asia sm mall of asia.

for more details, please visit
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i'm an addict!

aura: hungry
audio: boys like girls - heroine

my friend jerry's right! eversince i attended mr. ken go's studio lighting seminar and was able to actually learn the basic concepts of studio lighting, all i could ever think about this time is "studio shoot" hahah! how i wish i could immediately afford to set up our own studio.. even had this crazy idea to remove and sell me and my brother's bed in our room hehe.. they are not being used as of this time anyway hehe! but i admit, i can't afford the studio lights yet.. i can't even buy my own external flash yet! hahah! still got a very long way to go hahah!

can't wait for my next studio shoot. hope it would be sooner.. coz i'm an addict! hahah! photoshoots, cameras, lenses, cam gears, studio lights, etc.. haaay.. very expensive hobby haha!
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aura: not in the mood
audio: timbaland feat nelly furtado and justin timberlake - give it to me

summer is almost over in the US. a lot of great movies were release this year (2007).

now it's time for all of the tv series we've all been waiting for to resume.

here are the schedules taken from

monday premiers:
september 17 - prison break season 3
september 24 - heroes season 2

tuesday premiers:
september 25 - house season 4

wednesday premiers:
september 26 - bionic woman season 1
september 26 - private practice season 1 (grey's anatomy dr. addison montgomery

thursday premiers:
september 27 - smallville season 7
september 27 - grey's anatomy season 4
september 27 - csi las vegas season 8

still haven't got any news on 24 and one tree hill yet. :p

for other news and tv series check out

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studio lighting seminar by ken go

aura: recharged
audio: lost highway - bon jovi

i was very lucky enough to be able to attend studio lighting seminar by mr. ken go. he is a well known photographer, and anyone would highly recommend his studio lighting class which, according to him, as much as possible is being held every month. only 10 students are being accommodated every class in order to make the class and his teachings even more effective. you could check ken go's works his web site and, some of his classes' results at

anyway, i was one of his students for this month. the class was divided into 3 sessions. first day's a lecture that covered the basic concepts of lighting, technical explanations of studio lighting. there is also a hands on exercise on reading lighting meter, which for me is the most crucial part of the seminar. only learn on how to read them and you can construct, play with lights in order to meet your desired lighting effect. 2nd day is the actual hands on exercise where we are asked to think of a concept for the lighting effect that we want to accomplish and the actual shoot day.

we were asked to browse through the internet and magazines to look for a concept. for me i was able to get some concept from my multiply contacts. since i like images with darker theme, or i really admire photos that give much emphasize on shadows or shades or whatever they call them haha! anyway i took some prospect concepts from and (i hope ms carla doesn't mind, i don't think she was able to get my message yet. but thank you so much, sorry i had to get some images to show my prospect concepts.)

so the 2nd day came, and i was able to talk to my group mates about the concepts. now the grouping. mr. ken go made the grouping to maximize the learning efficiency of his students. the class was divided into 3 groups, 9 am group, followed by the 1 pm group then, lastly the 4 pm group. in our case 2 weren't able to attend his class since there was a storm since wednesday. since some would still come from the provinces and there's no flight available, so there's no way that they could come here in manila. so finally, the groupings were, 3 in the morning, 3 for the 1 pm and 2 for the 4 pm. (i think another one who belonged in the 4 pm class wasn't able to attend because he got sick). so since each member in a group will have a chance to assist his group mates during setup and will be given a chance to shoot each other's concept. we decided to think of concepts that won't overlap each other's concept.. so one group did a neutral lighting (well not too bright, not too dark lighting) with white background, then another one did a slightly brighter lighting settings slightly overexposed too and then i decided to do the darker settings with black background. for the actual setup, what happened was, for the 1st concept, the 1st member (with that concept) will do the readings of the lightings, then the others will just assist. so that basically what happened for each concept. then we shoot.

so there.. hehe.. it was a pretty pressured moment for me since ken go was there and i couldn't compose well for my portrait shot. hehe.. but anyway, i really learned so much in the seminar, i actually was "bitin" or i wish there would be more sessions and more time. but it was a pretty good learning experience. no wonder ken go's class is highly recommended by anyone. below are some photos i took for our group.

first photo concept by marc anthony polica

marc anthony polican, pocan, pocanman

second photo concept by gary mart domingo.

gary domingo, gary mart domingo

and lastly by me!

kenneth chan photography, kenneth chan, kenneth yu chan, kenneth yu chan photography

all photos were taken and owned by kenneth yu chan ©2007.
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japanese discipline

aura: drained
audio: till we ain't strangers anymore - bon jovi feat leann rimes

got this link from my friends che and jeanette. very hilarious!
imagine if we went to such school. no one will feel like losers, all bullies will be punished. laughing at your dumb classmates or lousy teachers are to be punished. hahahaha!

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post processing pictures

aura: sleepy
audio: the great escape - boys like girls

i love photography. fell in love with it when i got my first digital camera last december 2004. too bad that camera was stolen from me. anyway. ever since, after taking pictures, i only do the following post processing to my photos, adjust the brightness, contrast or, levels.

as time goes by, i'm really happy that now, i only do very minimal post processing with the pictures that i took. some don't even need to be post processed. :p i appreciate good photos upon taking them more, compared to
pictures that looked good after post processing.

but recently i've been looking for some post processing techniques, how they affect the final product of your photos. even in magazines, i believe most of the pictures are post processed. so i tried some of the articles and tutorials i got from the internet. first time i posted photo in my multiply photos that were post processed with a technique from
a tutorial that i got online heheh! posted here the before and after photo..

model :: erika
makeup by :: candice nocom

before ::
kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, kenneth chan photoblog


kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, kenneth chan photoblog

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isi team building 2007

aura: tired
audio: way i are - timbaland feat keri hilson and d.o.e

here is the group picture taken before we formally end our company's team building this year.. :D

isi, team building, kenneth yu chan photography, kenneth chan photography, kenneth chan, photography
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limbo rock

aura: sleepy
audio: great escape - boys like girls

had our company team building last friday and saturday at caylabne bay, ternate cavite. one of the games we played is limbo rock. old school game yet still fun enjoyable. all were required to join this game. even me. i had my lower back problem last november, minor slip disc. glad it didn't worsen. and it's a lot better now. but i had to pass on the 3rd round when i knew that my back won't be able to bend that low, hehe.. just taking good care of myself..

i've included the photo collection video made by my collegue
marhgil macuha. good thing i'm the one behind the cam and you won't see me in this collection hehe.. o btw, everyone was required to join, even our bosses hehe! it was fun all right.. hehe! enjoy!

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new bon jovi album!

aura: sleepy
audio: none

my God!!! i almost missed this one! bon jovi's new album was released last june 19, 2007!? waaah! lost highway! yeah! they still rock!!!
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shoes! nice..

aura: stressed
audio: none

i want this shoes! hahah! happen to see it in hong kong but i didn't buy it! worried about my baggage! grrr! and i already bought a pair of white chux (with green lining?).

o well.. the addidas taekwondo shoes (ADIDAS Adiluxe Training Shoes).

adidas, adidas taekwondo shoes, adidas taekwondo
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Fall Out Boy (FOB) LIVE in Manila!

aura: tired
audio: none

it's the latest news! and it's confirmed! fall out boy will be performing live! here in manila! tickets will be on sale july 18th!!!

when: september 21, 2007 (friday)
where: araneta coliseum (the big dome)

fall out boy (FOB) band consists of:
patrick stump (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, composer)
pete wentz (bass, backup vocals, lyricist)
joe trohman (lead guitar)
andy hurly (drums)


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back home

aura: tired
audio: none

i'm back! home sweet home. quite tired right now. hehe.. like what they say, there's no place like home.. :p nice to be back!
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sorry.. wo ting bu dong...

aura: little tipsy - still
audio: none

we are back in hong kong again! haha! it's good to be back! i promise! my team mate and i went to shenzhen, china last monday.. quite a long trip from hong kong.. shen zhen is just a very very tiny part of china by the way.
went there for 5 days. we never really had a chance to go to different places there.. didn't even buy anything from there. we just had an experience in tasting different local foods.. their foods are way too cheap compared in hong kong. imagine one order of dumplings, 15 pcs.for only 8 rmb (about 6 pesos / rmb)..
but we really had a hard time to talk to other people there and ask around coz too few understands and know how to speak english. thanks to our friend richard for being our personnal translator hehe.. and we were kinda worried for our safety there since people and environment are very different.. the trip was good though.
tried communicating with some poeple there with my knowledge in mandarin.. but i suck, really suck. everytime i try my best using mandarin i end up saying sorry.. wo ting bu dong (i don't understand what you are saying..) hahahah! now i just wished i should have studied well during my elementary and high school days.. i really should learn how to speak mandarin.. hehe!

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first part is almost edover

aura: excited
audio: none

one week is almost over. my first week of not being in the philippinesone week is almost over. my first week of not being in the philippines was fine. but i have to admit, i also missed life in manila in such short period of time.

one thing i like about being here in hong kong you could stay late outside and not to worry about how to go home.. or even worry about being safe. i mean, at around past 12 mn, there are still a lot of people out in the streets.. the streets are still busy as hell.. well the traffic here is also quite heavy during rush hours. but it's very far from the heaviness of traffic in manila.. i mean people here are very disciplined, no matter how long the lines are in the bus stops, people still fall in lines.. even in MTR (subway train), passengers let the people come out of the train first, before they get into the train. and they do fall in lines too. as compared here, well people won't let you go out of the train and they do block our way out. hmm, discipine.. when using the escalator, be sure to keep right when not in a hurry. but don't dare to block the left side. coz this side is for those who are in a hurry. they could easily pass.. not to mention the cleanliness of the surroundings.. wow! you won't see a single vehicle with black smokes coming out of them. hehe! the sidewalks, even those with vendors, are all very tidy. :D

convenience. getting to another place is way to easy and fast. MTR or their subway train access almost the entire city. busses are also available even when it's late. MTR is also available till around 1 am. they have this Octopus Card, it's one system people here use to pay for bus fees, and even purchase products from stores that accommodate it.. very convenient indeed. just load any amount to the card. and everytime you wish to pay for anything that you purchased, just scan the card and it will be deducted from your card's load.. it will also allow you to pay only the exact amount espesially when riding a bus coz their bus fairs always have :D

about using mobile phones. people here use voice calls more compared to using text messages. i found out that text messages here are more expensive. making calls are cheaper.. 1 text message = 1 HKD. hehe. i think it's also safer for people to make voice calls when walking rather than texting while walking.. :D

but i must admit, for my lifestyle, foods are quite expensive here in hong kong..
it's my second time to be here in honk kong, but i consider it to be my first.. it's just that i appreciate my hong kong experience even more right now as compared to last time.. well that was 9 years ago? hehe.. what the hell do i know back then? i guess that's one good thing about growing old huh?

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harry potter

aura: sleepy & hungry
audio: none

now that the book 7, the final book, of harry potter is out. i think it's time for me to start reading it haha!
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views from the flat

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these are some photos of the views from the unit we i am staying right now, here in island resort siu sai wan hong kong.

island resort, siu sai wan, hong kong island resort, siu sai wan, hong kong island resort, siu sai wan, hong kong
island resort, siu sai wan, hong kong island resort, siu sai wan, hong kong

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show me your hotel booking!!!

aura: freezing
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"15 DAYS?!?!?!! 15 DAYS?!?!?! .........................."
and many more...
~ lady hong kong airport immigrant personnel who suddently went hysterical when i blurted out the wrong number of days i wish to stay in hong kong.

to the lady (hong kong international airport immigrant personnel who suddently went hysterical when i blurted out the wrong number of days i wish to stay in hong kong.. visitors are only allowed to stay in hong kong for a maximum of 14 days.. however i blurted out 15 days. how stupid of me, tsk tsk) i salute you..

you just did a fine job.. :D
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new adventure

aura: excited
audio: none

i got up early this morning. maybe it's because of the heat. maybe it's because i'm overly excited right now. i'm going to leave for hong kong today at 2:55 pm. my first official trip to hong kong. there is also a good chance that we will be visiting shen zhen, china. i hope so too..

hehe.. i was hoping to travel more often in the future. this may be the start.. hmm.. i hope this is the start.. i'm looking forward to experience new adventures in life.. :D

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wanna be!

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i love photography! haha! this is my obsession.

kennethyuchan, kenneth chan freelance photographer, freelance photographer

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flickr update

aura: sleepy
audio: maroon 5 - makes me wonder

finally, got the time to update my flickr.. please feel free to browse through it.. all of the pictures can also be found in my multiply..

thank you..

have a nice day!

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aura: sleepy
audio: gwen stefani feat akon - sweet escape

for the first time in my entire life... i, kenneth yu chan, filipino citizen since brith, resident of barangay 589 - precinct number 3119a, VOTED!!! hahahahah!

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