Mattel's Modern Day View-Master introduces kids to VR

For years now, Mattel, with the help of Google, has been trying to bring their iconic View-Master to modern day technology, Virtual Reality. And today, Mattel introduced their modern day View-Master to the world and brings virtual reality to modern day kids.

The new View-Master, similar to current Google's Cardboard, utilizes the Virtual Reality technology, that brings kids to another world where they can explore in 360 degrees. The company just unveiled their new View-Master starter kit, has similarity with the classic View-Master, but now has a slot for wide range of present smart phones. The starter kit costs around $30.

There are currently 3 available virtual packs to choose from, namely, Space, Wildlife and virtual tour to New York City that each costs around $15. They come in Reel or App forms. These virtual packages were made with the help from NASA and National Geographic.

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